If Someone Has a Surgery After May 10th and Wants It to Be Earlier, I Need to Switch - Aventura, FL

Hello ladies, I have a surgery scheduled on may 10...

Hello ladies, I have a surgery scheduled on may 10 with Dr. Salama , and unfortunately the circumstances are not working for me, and I am looking for someone to switch the days with me. If it will be some later may, it will be perfect. Thank you everybody, and I hope we all will have a great result!

Hey there, did you ever get to switch your date?

hey I'm scheduled the end of july....id switch with u, but i dont have my packet yet, and really would like to go in june :( not sure if ill have hotel and everything situated by may 10th---thats like right around the corner!
Im actually looking to switch too, but I need an appointment that is closer to the end of July :-(
My current appointment is scheduled for Sept 3.
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