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I'm doing everything from bbl to rhinoplasty to...

I'm doing everything from bbl to rhinoplasty to ptosis eyelid surgery, wish me luck this next year as I change into the new me =) I have wanted this ever since I was 13, I have a wide nose, ptosis in my left eye, and unfortunately the body I have never wanted.

I had a nice shape with no butt previousley, but since my 20lb weight gain I new it was time for a change. This first experience will be the one with dr salama as I have just sent in my pics for a consultation.

Saving up for the down payment, by sept 21st i...

saving up for the down payment, by sept 21st i should have it, also im working on losing weight so i am able to have fat removed for all the areas to be lipoed that i want
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consultation email came back good, i am cleared to be a good candidate and can lose weight, im hoping by the time i book with the down payment there will be openings for next june
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Welcome Angelica & good luck on your journey.
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waiting for my consultation and to book the date, i plan to pay for it without care credit just straight up cash, and thanks guys
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hey girl,

I hear you, get that dream body and everything else to come true.  keep us posted on all the interesting activities that you go on that journey of yours
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Hi Angelica,

Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Good luck with your consultation, I hope everything goes well. Please do keep us updated on your progress!

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