In Need of a New Booty! - Aventura, FL

Hi ladies I have been coming to this website for...

Hi ladies I have been coming to this website for about 7 months and decided that a BBl is what I need in life!!! after coming on this site I'm really considering Dr.S. Well a little about myself: I'm a 23 year old black female 5' 8" 180 lbs with two beautiful babies that are 4 & 1. They def did a number on my body!!! I have been a little down because I realized that after having my second child my belly was never going back to the way it use to be so I decided its time to get sexy!!! Lol and now that my husband is completely ok with my decision I need all the help I can get from the best surgeon to what to expect after surgery. I really want to schedule my surgery for like April or may 2013. I will be posting pre-op pics up ASAP because it makes the profile so much more realistic.

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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

How are you doing? Have you had a consult with any doctors yet?

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