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I'm 20 years old and I have never had much of a...

I'm 20 years old and I have never had much of a booty :( but I do have boobs (38DD). I have been considering this surgery since I was 16 and now I finally have the mind and the means to go for it. I would love to have this surgery before my 21st birthday, it would be the ultimate gift to myself, to once be comfortable in my own body. I have done research and I am set on getting in with Salama ASAP!! I started viewing every surgeon possible then had a list of 12 and then narrowed that down to 3, which were Yily, Salama, and Jimerson. I haven't paid my deposit with Salama yet because I just can't wait until November. I'm hoping to catch a date between June and August.

My current measurements are 38DD-34-48


Welcome, dr salama is a great dr I love being SALAMAFIED this forum is an excellent source of info and support I would suggest uploading before pix when I first got on I would get no responses till I added pix Oh what's the name of that clothing Label in your profile picture they specialize in small waist and big booties I saw them at a clothing convention I modeled at
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Hey, good luck to you! From what i know if you pay cash to salama and tell them you want it done asap. they'll move your date up little by little as they get openings. Also check members on here for deposit exchange.
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I will be adding pictures soon just to show...

I will be adding pictures soon just to show everyone what I'm working with and to get more advice and suggestions about surgeons based on my body type and my body goals.

I also decided that in order to have my ultimate dream body a combo procedure is what i'll need. Thanks to my hubby for helping with paying for this I've decided to go to Yily for lipo and a tummy tuck, if needed, and then go to Salama for my dream donk.


Welcome BBL Sister! Good luck on ur journey!
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@nomoredisgust thanks for the advance I spoke with Nancy today and decided to pay my deposit and be put on the cancellation list so hopefully I can be Salamafied by the end of the year
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@newbootyinc I have no idea what that clothing line is...I was just amazed by the bodies lol but I will definitely add some pics soon. I will try to figure out what that clothing line is because after a bbl I'm sure you need them
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Finally got a response from Duran

I finally got an e-mail from Duran but now I'm torn!! 0_o I know for a fact that Duran can give a big butt, but her post op bodies don't move me the way that Yily's does lol. I really want a tiny waist and flat tummy but I want a big butt too. It seems like Yily is getting better at delivering big butts judging by the recent post op pics, but still there are a few that leave me wondering. Ahhhh!!! Decisions decisions decisions, I guess I have to choose which one is more important, booty or overall shape. Plus I haven't seen many post ops from Duran, let alone any from women of shape, size or build. I am simply in love with what Yily did for MzJuicyFruit87, and her body is similar to mine.

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