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i know its months out but i really wanna know what i'll need..Can someone please help?

I've been considering a bbl for about a year. im...

i've been considering a bbl for about a year. im 25 5'5 154 lbs. my stomach is pretty flat but i have no booty. i've been on this site like every week since i scheduled my bbl. im excited about it but i wish i could've scheduled it sooner. the earliest dr salama had was april :( im hoping to get it moved up. i see all these women with beautiful results and it makes me so excited to be finally getting this done. i dont wanna post my before pics till a few weeks nefore my bbl

My bbl is scheduled for april 30th but i want to...

my bbl is scheduled for april 30th but i want to start getting the things im going to need slowly but surely. im also thinking about moving my date up so i want to get some of my stuff. can any of the vets out there help? i would definately appreciate it. i have no diea where to start....
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Good luck on your journey I'm scheduled Dec 7th.
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Thanx :)
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But I'm 160(now) n it's majority belly fat. I plan on getting 1100. 
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Nicki when did you get your new quote
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Oh ok. When is ur date?
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hey girl,

welcome to the sisterhood, Im #team salama as well and im 25, n 5'5 n was 154 until i gained weight for the procedure..lol but good luck and keep us posted on your journey. Knowing this- with this office you are bound to move up your date or switch with someone. GL
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thank u so much :) im also 25 5'5 but i weigh 157. i've been thinkin bout gainin a lil more weight so i could have more fat but im not sure. how manyy cc's do u plan on getting if u dont mind me askin
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