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I am a mother of three boys loves of my life! 3...

I am a mother of three boys loves of my life! 3 csections later and I am ready for my dream body time to make me happy ! I have been wanting a tummy tuck since my first son was born gained lots of weight not cute when you are only 4'11' was sad because no matter how much weight I lost I had a flap gross!!!! So here I am almost 11 years later and anxious for the tt and bbl I dont have hips or a big butt so I am really hoping for a nice curvy shape I chose Dr. Salama and have been communicating with Nancy she is great ! I love everyones results from Dr. Salama I am hoping I have the same even though I know everyone is different! I am traveling from California w hubby n kids yes its going to be hectic :p butI am ready

Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. I'm sure you'll get lots of support from the other BBL ladies!


I am loving everyones results they are amazing !!!...

I am loving everyones results they are amazing !!! Dr. S sure is doing his thing no wonder prices are starting to creep up !!!!
awww congrats on doing this for yourself! I am sure your results will be to die for! good luck :) :)
Im your same height and weight!! I also feel like i should be closer to 115-120.Although i was told not to lose weight.i dont want to feel like i still need to lose weight after surgery.Please post pics and updates after surgery.im going oct.8.good luck with your surgery.I will be following your journey!!
Yes I am very anxious! I know I wanted my surgery for August before my kids started school again but the soonest they had was September so I took it! What are you getting done?
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