Excited and Nervous: BBL and Tummy Tuck - Nov 30th With Dr. Salama - Aventura, FL

I'm booked and hardly ready... There is so much...

I'm booked and hardly ready... There is so much that needs to be done and buy before the surgery... I'm a bit torn because I keep hearing how tuff recovery is with just the bbl and that scares me because I'm getting the bbl and tummy tuck done at the same DAMN time...lol...i need your insight ladies...now I'm feeling should I get my tummy tuck first and then heal and then get my bbl..Lu wouldn't dare do the bbl first and have a not okay tummy...this is all so depressing at the same time because before I had my son my stomach was beautiful... :-( I've never really had a butt tho...I'm lost as to what to do...if you are someone who's had this done or getting it done please feel free to let me know...I'll post pictures of how I was and how I am now...it's funny because my wish pic is actually how I used to be 3 yrs ago...lol

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Hey girl, i was wondering if you'd like to switch, my date is november 20th, but i am not quite ready yet. if youre interested please let me know
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I sent you a message. Check your inbox
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hi! we're going to be sx buddies....mine is 11/29. i'm so excited, i can't wait. where are you going to stay? i was thinking about renting a condo cuz i have 2 friends coming to take care me
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Hello & welcome girl. As the ladies have mentioned Dr. Salama isn't doing both together anymore. For best results you should split the surgeries up. Good luck. We are here to support you in your journey.
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Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. Nicki is correct that Dr. Salama doesn't seem to do both procedures together anymore, have you contacted the office to check? Please do keep us updated on your progress.

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welome to the sisterhood. You might wanna call the office, dr.s don't do tt n bbl together anymore. As far as picking one I wish I could help. But some ladies on here can wit the tt or bbl battle... Gl
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