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Hello ladies!!!! Im new to this site but have been...

Hello ladies!!!! Im new to this site but have been stalking it for months lol. Im leaning toward Salama and so I contacted Nancy but because he is so popular he is booked until march 2013!!!! AGHHH. I am a student and the only way I can do this surgery is during a break, like this summer or december or january. This will be my last year of school and I wanna at least finish it with a bang!!!! PLease if there is anyone out there who can switch with me at all!!!! anyone scheduled anytime before september, december or january. I Need this, I want this!! I WILL BE SOO GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!


Hey, Ladies' looking for a Dec/20/2013. For a Nov 26 2013 Get back!
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Okay so I just made my deposit, I am set for June 3rd 2013! I am all open to trade dates with anyone willing but if not, I'lll wait the wait. Pretty excited!
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