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Met dr. Salama yesterday and I must say i really...

Met dr. Salama yesterday and I must say i really like his honesty and straight forward answers ., i will rather know my expectations from the getgo rather than be disappointed after the surgery , cuz of his honestly i decided to go with him. It was not an easy decision because of the longer wait , one month compared to the eight months for salama, but i believe the wait will be worth it at the end. I have small frame, 5.1 120 pounds, he did not asked me to gain any weight since all my fat is accumulated on my stomach and flank areas, i will try to gain 5 more pounds just to make sure my hips can also benefit of that xxx fat.
m very excited to begin this journey.

I am 5'2 and weigh 135-138 lbs and my doctor wants me to get to 145lbs...I am second guessing this advice now. It seems like you have enough weight for your procedure. I will definitely be talking to my Dr. to revaluate his decision on my weight gain for the BBL. Thanks for sharing!
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