I Have a Couple of Questions for All my BBL Friends - Aventura, FL

Hello, I am debating on getting this procedure...

Hello, I am debating on getting this procedure done in Miami with Dr. Salama... but there's a few things that are on my mind. Ive been on this site a few times and may I add all of you look wonderful. So if I can get any and every ones opinions i'd greatly appreciate it.
1. Having kids. I see a lot of you have had kid or kids are you still planing on having more or any if you havent?
2. Returning back to work. How long did you stay out of work and what type of job?
3.Financing. Did any of you finance or just pay cash?

Hi there- I am 36 and will not rule out kids although I am getting this mini TT. oftentimes once your body changes, the attractions and attention from others increase and you wind up pregnant- LOL.........

I am only able to take (2) weeks off work as I am a drug rep/auditor that travels regionally. I am still concerned on how I will pull this off-

I am financing as well- I paid the initial deposit in cash- but I got this 'new ass' on a payment plan so it beta be right- lol......

Keep me updated on your progress and welcome again!
Hey!!! I haven't had kids yet. I'm 24 and certainly plan on having kids. Kinda need a bf first lol. I'm sorta worried that when I do have kids it will ruin the work I had done, but at the same time it's not a given that it even will. I think it's all gonna be fine in the end. If not, well... I'll deal with it then.

I'm taking a whole month off of work!!!! Lucky me. I'm saving all my vaca hours and taking December off. I have a really active job lifting heavy boxes all day, and rarely sitting, but I still think It will be beneficial to take the extra weeks off for a better recovery.

And yes, I am financing. I will have a lot of it saved up already by the time sx comes around, but not all of it, and plus... it will be nice to never actually be out of money, and that way I can still shop for new clothes and such. :-) I was going to use carecredit, but from what I've seen Chase Health Advance approves much more often, and with a higher limit. plus I'm not positive but I think they give 24 months no interest if u have a high balance (which we will)
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