Has Salama's Cost Gone Up? - Aventura, FL

I had a consultation a while ago with Dr. Salama,...

I had a consultation a while ago with Dr. Salama, who quoted me approximately $9,000 for the standard procedure. I keep seeing others write that his fee is around $6,000. Has his prices gone up this much or do they vary from person to person? His prices now match the "famous" doctors prices in New York and Georgia.

Wow booked mine in November and I was quoted $7499
He is in high demand so it keeps going up
omg that is craaazy if it has! I had my consultation with him in December 2012 and was quoted 8,499. I booked my surgery day for September 2014 and paid the deposit so for me, if the price was to go up im still guaranteed to pay this price. Everyones price is different depending on when they booked and paid their deposit, wish I had booked a little earlier coz it would have been cheaper but if you really want to go with Salama you should book now and pay the deposit to hold your day and lock your price. I know come 2014 people aren't gonna pay what I paid! probably gonna be double if hes already increasing the price! Book urz now gurrl!! Good luck with it hun!xxx
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