Loving my results so far

Hello! I have booked my consultation for October...

I have booked my consultation for October 24 with Dr. Salama !! I am so excited to meet him, after seeing after photos of ladies that have gone with him, I am VERY impressed! I have always wanted a huge booty lol

I am 22, 5'9.5, 158 lbs and am looking to get ATLEAST 1300cc's per cheek. I without doubt know that I will need to gain some weight in order to receive this much & will GLADY do so because i am not happy with my weight to begin with (i want thick thighs lol). I intend gaining 15-20 lbs.
I will be posting before weight gain pics soon!

BBL girls! I am prone to form keloids from any...

BBL girls! I am prone to form keloids from any deep scars and now even from acne. I know that the incisions that Salama makes are small but I will still without a doubt from a keloid. I had a breast augmentation 5 weeks ago and had my incisions done in my arm pits for this specific reason. So I am wondering, to those that have had their BBL and form keloids, what was your experience like with them? Keloids do not form immediately, for me it takes about 6 months for them to form from a surgery incision.

Since coming upon this website all i seem to think...

since coming upon this website all i seem to think about is booty booty & some more booty! lol ahh this site is more addictive than fb & twitter combined!
anyways, so far i have gained 2lbs and decided i will stop at 170. i have also been using cocoa butter on my lil booty lol i do not want any new stretch marks! I am happy with the overall shape of my butt but i would just like it to be BIG and have an actual waist considering i am square shaped ughhhh

Uploaded some wish pics! Used an iPhone app by dr....

Uploaded some wish pics! Used an iPhone app by dr. Salzhauer

Hello Ladies! I have FINALLY paid my deposit fee...

Hello Ladies! I have FINALLY paid my deposit fee today and have a date for September 3, 2013. I need a JULY date but i will not try to switch dates until later on next year since it is so far away. The only good thing about this date though is that it is the day after labor day and a week or two after salama has a VACATION which i know he will need. so i may end up keeping the date, i dont know yet i will decide early next summer. nancy told me that i am at a good weight but to gain a few lbs in a few months. i want to gain 10-15lbs and MAINTAIN that weight after surgery..i really want to gain alot more weight in my thighs in order to look more proportional after surgery.
OH my quote was 8274 because i will not be using larry for transportation..i am local and live like 15-20 min away from the office.
i'm so excited it all seems REAL now

Stephanie santiago and yaris sanchez seem to be...

stephanie santiago and yaris sanchez seem to be VERY popular in terms of wish pics on this board..i just saw pictures of stephanie santiago and a VIDEO of yaris sachez BEFORE they got a BA and BBL and all i can say is WOW. yaris was always thick so the procedures made her bangin! stephanie was skinny and looks like she gained a good 20lbs..
these girls claim to have natural booties..which TECHNICALLY they r natural since its their own fat but damn they need to help other women out and embrace being #TEAMPLASTIC lol!

Sooo for the past few weeks I have been feeling...

Sooo for the past few weeks I have been feeling like my butt has been disappearing right before my eyes and today I get on the scale and realiZe that I have lost 5lbs!!! I have been sick for the past 2 days but still that is alot of weight to lose. I'm not too concerned I'm a pro at gaining weight as I have purposely gained a huge amount of weight in the past before but still! Weight gaining is not cheap!! ;(

So I have decided to get my priorities in order...

So I have decided to get my priorities in order and get my scar revision done for my face before my bbl..I am prone to hypertrophic scars that develop from acne and it is going to cost me a couple grand. I will definitely be postponing my september 3 date for December 2013 with dr rami because I am paying for this fully in cash.

I have a September 3 date and need a December date!

I have a September 3 date and need a December date!

So I see alot of girls are now jumping off the...

So I see alot of girls are now jumping off the yily band wagon..it seems like when one girl comes out looking amazinggg plenty of girls are quick to jump on that surgeons wagon..but as soon as one girl has a horrible experience and blames the surgeon for it..those same girls are super quick to jump off that wagon. Ladies do your research!!! Don't base your decision off of ONE or TWO patients' reviews. And let me be clear I am not referring to any patient in particular just speaking generally!

Need a later date! 9-3-13 salama

Ladies I am scheduled for September 3rd 2013 but I need a later date! Message me to trade dates!!!

9-3-13 with salama but need later date!

Ladies I am scheduled for 9-3-2013 but can't have surgery during that time as I will be on grad school interviews. Email me if you want to switch dates. I would like a jan or feb date

Changed my date

No longer needed to change my date I was able to get it changed. Now having surgery in February! Now time to gain some weight!

Need advice

Ladies that are paying for their bbl in full cash..how are you saving up? My surgery is in February and I just now started saving up :/ I am doing the calculations and I'm positive I can have 5000 saved for feb but that's not enough. I may have to push my date back again until April which I didn't want because that's my birthday month and I will have to spend it recovering but oh we'll ;( . Any tips??? I figured I could save 800 monthly..Maybeeee 1000 if I bust my butt ;(

Duran ladies

The thought of paying over 8000 for a small waist and booty is starting to weigh heavy on me. I already spent 3000 on my boobs so that would be a total of 11000 on plastic surgery..and I haven't even started having kids! and i know how i am once i am done havin kids i will want to get more lipo.

I am now starting to consider dr. Duran because she is an expert at giving women tiny waists and an extreme hour glass figure which is one of the reasons why I want a bbl. salama is good at what he does but he does not give women super tiny waists like duran. The only thing is my mom already thinks I am going to die if I get a bbl because she watches the news too much. And it does not help at all that a girl is now in a coma after getting her boobs done at the same surgery center i had mine done at. She would absolutely disapprove of me getting a bbl out of the country so I would have to lie to her :/. My mother is from the dominican republic but she would still stronglyyyy disapprove.

Another reason why i want to switch is because if i stick with salama i would have to have surgery in april which is two months before i start grad school. that 9000 that i would have saved up for surgery really should be going towards paying for grad school. i just feel like it would be irresponsible for me to save all that money for an ass when i really need it for school. if i go to duran i can have surgery in january and then can have time to save money for school

Ladies who are going to duran, how does your family feel about you going over seas??? What do you think I should do?? This is really stressing me out. 9000 is so much money...I can save up 4000 easily but not 9000!

Pre op pics

Uploaded pics I will be sending dra duran today. I plan on gaining 10 lbs..don't like how skinny my thighs are plus wasn't to have enough fat


These didn't upload the first time

Duran email

Hello ladies I just sent an email to hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com requesting a quote.. is this her correct email?

Duran quote

Reviewed a reply from her assay any with a quote of 3800, was hoping for a quote of 3500 since I'm a fairly skinny girl but I will discuss that with duran on Friday when I call to set up my date and send in my deposit. I am excited but at the same time very nervous. Going to have surgery out of the country is stressful as helllll...atleast when I was going to salama the only thing I would have to worry about it money since I am local -___-. Flight tickets are looking expensive and recovery houses also come out to be a little expensive as I will be there for 10 days. Oh well, now I figure out when to have surgery!

Staying with salama

After thinking long and hard about going to DR for surgery I have come to my senses and backed out. 3 girls recently died at CIPLA and the fact that they were almost shut down sealed the deal for me. I am too young to die over a tiny waist and some booty. Not comfortable with that and not comfortable with putting my family through all that stress. I am going to start working 60+ hours a week to have surgery with salama in feb. I am local so don't have to worry about a plane ticket, passport, recovery house, transportation, and all that other crap.

Wish pics

Most realistic wish pics I can fine. I love ik's results she is my height and weight I would be beyond happy with these results

Need a later date! Feb 11 With salama

Ladies I need an April or May date with salama I have feb 11 2013..don't have enough saved up I need more time

Need later date

Correction I meant 2-11-14

Postponed my date

Thankfully I was able to postpone my surgery date. My new date is in May..I actually need a mid April date so if any one wants an early May date and has an April date I would love to switch. I start school in June so having surgery in May will not give me enough time to recover.

108 days away..stressed

My day is approaching very quickly and I am freaking out. I've already post poned my date twice and can't post pone it anymore as I will be starting grad school in June. I have 108 days to come up with $7474 which is my current balance :/ oh my..will be working 64 hrs a week until surgery day :( ..financing my surgery is not an option..I have to do this all cash oh my


So how soon after will I be able to work? I'll definitely wait until drains are out and I'm completely off pain meds..but do u ladies think I will b able to go back at 3 weeks? I work at a hospital so I am on my feet for most of the Time and have to walk a lot..I do 8 hr shifts

May 9 2014 with salama but need an early/mid APRIL date

Message me if you want to switch

Mini update

Still looking for a mid April date with salama! Also I started putting cocoa butter on my butt to minimize stretch marks post op and hopefully to make my skin stretch better!
On another note my plans of pAying for this all cash is definitely not going to work ;( going to have to try to get a loan for atleast 3-4 grand. And suggestions for good surgery loan companies? I have a credit score of 614 as of right now

A little over a month left

Made a payment today for 1074.00 so my balance is now 6400 *sigh* such a big number! Anyways, I am still putting cocoa butter every day after I shower and started taking my iron pills. I also take GNC ultra nourish hair vitamins to make my hair grow..it really does work!

Next thing I need to do is the medical clearance..going to have to wait until I get paid to do that because I cancelled my health insurance. Another *sigh*. I've been wanting to get this surgery for 2 years and still don't feel at all prepared!

I think I've been making progress with the weight gain I've probably gained 2 lbs..my butt feels bigger.

I'm currently schedule for May 9 but would like April 18. Haven't tried to officially change it because I need my mom to agree to let me use her credit card :/ yikes

Anyways will update u ladies in 2 weeks

Started taking Preop vitamins

So today I purchased my iron and vitamin c pills from Walmart. We need to start this regime when we are 30 days preop which I am not yet technically but I intend on switching my date to an April date.

Anyways I am taking one of the 500mg vitamin c pills twice a day with meals and 5 of the 65mg iron once a day. It says equivalent to 325 mg of iron but that should not be taken literally u need to take 5 still. They're tiny pills so I don't mind. I'm using my pill organizer which I purchased a long time ago don't remember why..


Forgot to add

Making payments at EPS

So the whole payment making process is just plain annoying! I wanted to make another payment of 4000 using my moms credit card and can't do that since it's in my name. Now I have to figure out how to pull out 4000 from her card. Can a girl just pay for her surgery?! Sheesh!

Nancy to the rescue

Was about to pay my remaining balance using my moms credit card. Now I just need a date in April if Anyone wants to switch message me


Was able*


I know it sounds silly but recent I have started having nightmares about this surgery. The first one I had I dreamed that I kept waking up on my back post op. Last night I dreamed that I was not given any drains and that I went a day without any garment or waist cincher lol..my butt also looked very small. This all sounds silly but these dreams feel so real at that the time so I get freaked out!

April date

I have may 9 2014 with salama but need an APRIL date message me if u want to switch

Gaining weight

Currently at 159 lbs..when I first started this blog 2 years ago I was 158 but dropped down to 155 last year. My goal is to be atleast 164 by surgery day.

Still looking for an April date :/

Hi April

April is here and I still haven't been able to get a date :( . It's not that I want the surgery ASAP it's that I start school may 29th so that means I will have to be sitting down 8 hours a day at only 20 days posts op!! That is going to ruin my results :( ughhh I am going to keep praying that someone wants to delay their April date a little.

Review didn't post :(

Will re type. So today I was under the hair dryer with rollers in my head when Evelyn calls me and tells me the good news! Thursday was made available! So she told me to get to the office ASAP..I asked if I could finish drying my hair but she said no there's no time lol. So I got dressed and arrived at the office to sign all the paper work and to get my boppy pillow. Also got my prescriptions. Then I was sent to the surgery center to get my bloodwork done. Thank god the office and surgery center was empty so I was not that embarrassed by having a head full of rollers lol. I am not prepared to have surgery Thursday but it is happening either way. I am going to go but some last minute items I need arnica pills/gel, Benadryl, mederma, Gatorade, and a yoga mat. Everything else i have (urinal, gauze, med tape, chux, band aids, neosporin, maxi dresses/skirts). If there's anything I really need but am missing please let me know

Surgery tomorrow

So I'm scheduled for tomorrow..I think I'm ready lol. I'm not looking forward to the pain..I didn't do so well after my breast aug..i was pretty messed up for 10 days. I have a low tolerance for pain :( ..percs are going to be my best friend lol. I'm not sure my family knows what's in store for them lol.

My birthday will be in a week and I plan on going to a bar atleast for one drink so that will be my motivation to get better. Only thing left to buy is arnica tablets. I went to Walmart n walgreens and could only find the gel. I also bought Gatorade, pineapples, Benadryl, mederma., equate plus (cheap version of ensure), antibacterial soap and colace stool softener. I'm broke so I'm not buying anything I don't think I'll need.

Also went to drop off my prescriptions. Don't have insurance so I'm not looking forward to the price.

I'm so nervous..I've read so many blogs and no one seems 100% happy..it's either their stomach has lumps or butt has dents or left over upper back fat..or burns. Ugh just going to hope I don't regret doing this better a revision is not option! Atleast for not a few years.

Well I'll post my final weight and pre op pics on Thursday ladies ??

Less than 24 hrs left yikes

Blood work came back good..and I was told that my surgery time was moved up an hour which is great. Will be working from 3pm-7:30am tomorrow..then I'll just wait until it's time to head to the surgery center. Being at work keeps me from thinking negatively about tomorrow. Anyways I'll update when I'm out of surgery tomorrow..hopefully!

Did it

I'm alive lol


Best I can do

More pics 1500 cc's

I go back today to get my bandages changed I'll take pics with the garment off


Day one was horrible..everything I ate I threw up. I have to get up every 2 hrs to pee. Sometimes I can get up by myself. I can get back in bed on my own. My butt is huge but I know it will go down..I am tall 5'9 so 1500cc is good. I asked for atleast 1300. I told him I wanted a small waist and big booty with no shelf. Also told him I didn't want more hips cause I have big ones already but he said he had to give me some cause I was flat in a certain area. I will post more details soon

Pre op pics

I didn't weigh myself the day of but I'm sure I was 157lbs


Ladies this is hard..like really hard. I had my bandages removes by salama n the nurse n I screamed so loud I scared everyone on the waiting room plus a patient that was next to me who just has surgery. I'm terrified of taking a shower today n washing my garment but I know I have to it's almost completely covered in blood. I couldn't take pics today at the center because I didn't have my phone with me but I will tonight I'm dying to see this body. I was given a new nausea prescription because the original one was not workin for me. I just ate some mashed potatoes n chicken wings so I'm going to rest a little before my shower.

Post op

New pics




Had my first shower today..and got my garment washed. No throwing up today which is good. My appetite is coming back slowly. Still in lots of pain but that's expected I guess. Will reply to comments when I'm feeling a little better.

When does it get better?

I didn't sleep at all last night. I'm so uncomfortable. I'm hating this..the pain meds aren't working all that great. My butt is super sore and my belly. I'm just so over this whole process :(

Love u ladies

U ladies are awesome. This has been tough so far but it is getting better. I have no one to talk to about this surgery. two of my closest friends wish they could get this done so they may be a little jealous. One has barely been talking to me. I have just been keeping to myself. I don't do anything..just lay down all day n get up every 2 hrs to pee n walk. I don't watch tv or listen to music..nothing. I'm just miserable. I know things will get better but for now I'm at peace like this.

I haven't had a bM yet..idk how that's going to happen lol am I suppose to take the garment off to poop?

Better days

So all this time I thought I had my first massage today but it's actually scheduled for tomorrow. My cg is loose so i def need a smaller one ASAP. Just took a shower..I am doing muchhhh better. I can do almost everything by myself..sometimes I just get tired n ask for help to finish a task..I don't feel like I'm eating enough n I know I need to take my iron pills but I don't have much of an appetite when I'm in pain..I try to force myself to eat though.

Took my second shower today..waiting on my cg to dry I will post pics before putting it back on

New pics

My vagina hates this cg..I've tried putting a sock in there and even a pad..whenever I do that it feels like too much compression on it..sometimes it's better to go with nothing down there.

First massage

I had my first massage today with eilyeen and it wasn't that bad! I was shocked. I took 2 percs 20 minutes before hand. She started off with the ultrasound machine then massaged the fluid out..it was weird I could hear the gushing sounds really loud. it took about 35 min. She then gave me a new garment however I was surprised that it was the same size! 2xl just different fabric so even though it is the same size it is tight. She also added the foams. I've never heard of any girls getting a stage 2 garment that is the same size as the first. I drained a lot of fluid. I'm not stressing the size thing too much because it feels tight and she left it on the second clasp so when it gets loose I can put it on the first one. Oh! I fixed the vagina pain issues by cutting the fabric down there..it feels sooo much better! My inner labia are swollen :/. Hoping it goes down soon cause that's ugly lol. I had my first BM yesterday..it was small but hey it's something lol.


From after massage

Follow up appt

Went to the office today nd as expected it was packed..after standing up for half an hour I couldn't take it anymore i went inside n asked if I could lay down for a bit because I was about to pass out. They let me lay down then soon after salama came in n checked me out..I was honest n told him I haven't been eating as much as I should have but I'm trying hard..he wasn't too happy about that .

To my surprise my back drain was removed today..I was expecting it to be out tomorrow after my massage. But I'm not complaining lol. This stage 2 cg is tighttttt but I'm dealing with it. Today I will shower again n wash this nasty hair of mine lol.

Anyone know how much r the massages? I'm broke so if their too expensive I need to find another place

Massage #2

Had my second massage today with eilyeen which I was very happy about! It was so relaxing and felt so good! She even had calming music playing I almost fell asleep while she worked on my back. My back had lots of fluid but my stomach didn't have much.

Im starting to feel more human lol..even wore make up today n got dressed up. I'm going to have my last massage with eps on Monday because I can't afford to continue to get the rest of them there..their $75 each. Eilyeen said that on Monday more than likely my front drain will be removed.

If anyone has any good massage recommendations here in Miami please let me know (:

So it finally happened :(

I pooped on myself! I woke up this morning and got up to go eat when I felt the urge to poop..I did not want to take off this cg just yet so I held it in..or atleast thought I did..I then I popped a perc because I knew takin this thing off was going to be painful and then i went to the toilet to poop..when I pull my cg down N I noticed poop stains on my faja..ughhh how embarrassing. Idk about u ladies but when I have to poop it literally needs to come out within seconds! With all these foams and the drain I can't get everything off that fast. Well I hope this is the last time this happens. I quickly washed my faja by hand after I was done, threw it in the dryer, and took a shower. I also changed all my dressings. Will be posting pics today

That evil time of the month

So I'm laying in bed n started to feel my cg get tighter n tighter..I struggle to get up to go to the bathroom n realized I got my period :(. Im just lucky that I have a mom with a huge booty so I am able to use her underwear lol I forgot to buy XL granny panties.

I'm so over this damn cg it is extremely uncomfortable. The fabric has given me rug burns on both of my thumbs from every time I have to take it off or put it on. I'm dying for it to get loose so I can order the vedette 136 everyone seems to love that one.

Also I'm seeing a lot of girls starting to use waist cinchers at 2 weeks post op..day of my surgery salama told me to use it at 2 months post op..? Im confused. He also said we need to keep the cg on for 6 months n that's y he believes so many girls get lumpy stomachs n end up wanting a revision..because they ditch the cg too early on.

& the hate has begun..

So last night I went out for the first time to a friends house for a bbq..I wore a long maxi and cardigan over it to hide the cg..needless to say there's no hiding this booty! One girl there who i know but don't care for because she's rude blurts out why are u sitting on a towel..me being the blunt person that I am stood up and said that's why..lol..she was like what did u get your ass done n I was like yeah.. N then she says is it gonna go down cause it looks super fake then laughs..now listen ladies..I am born n raised from the hood n u don't know how badly I wanted to set her straight..but ladies I have class lol and I know how to act In public. So I bit my tongue n simply just said to her Ofcourse it's only been a week n then she laughed n said good n repeated the it looks super fake comment. That was the last time I will be speaking to her ass.

My cg makes me look like I have a shelf n I hate that..i will be walking my booty to the dollar store today to buy a measuring tape. I DID NOT do pre op measurements because I do not want to torture myself over inches lost. But I need to see where my waist and hips r at so I can order a new cg.

I am dying to take new pics..I don't have any good mirrors in my house to take pics so I already told my sis that she's going to be taking some of me tonight! I know how important pics are to reviews.

New pics

Not the best lighting/angles

Massage #3

Had my massage today with Celia for the first time...this massage was much more aggressive which I loved because I know I need that. She used two additional machines on me that were not used on me for my first two massages. One machine was intense and was used on my back it is hard to describe it and the other one was like a vacuum that suctioned my skin and she used that on the front. Then my drained was removed. The hole that the drain leaves is pretty big :/ I'm going to have to be pretty anal about cleaning it because I don't scar well.

Also, if u do a review on google and real self and email it to Cynthia u get a free waist cincher. I already have a size small squeem that I ordered on Sale so I wanted a size x-small but they did not have any in stock so I will pick it up on Thursday .

Celia said my garment was wayyyyy too big so my mom will be taking in the sides for me today.

I also received my board..I was told to start wearing it when I am 2 weeks post op so on Thursday.

Another thing ladies..the heating pad should start being used at 2 weeks post op and directly ON the skin not over the cg/waist cincher/foams/ board. U should do it for one hour every day and leave it on for 15 min per side so 15 min on the front/ 15 on back/ 15 on both flanks.

My next massage will be on Thursday..my mom wants me to go back to eps so she offered to pay for it.


Idk how some of u ladies are able to drive without sitting on your butt! I attempted today and could not do it! I am too tall..I'm 5'9. I really need to get back to work to start making moving because I am moving out in a month to start medical school. Ughhhhhhhhhhh looks like I'm going to have to sit on the boppy pillow. My drive to work is 20 min

Massage #4

Hello ladies..2weeks down 1 more month to go! So today I had my 4th n last massage with elite. I get there and I am told that the apt I set just 3 days prior was cancelled. Hmmm...I sure as hell didn't cancel it and I sure as hell was never called to confirm my apt. Ladies, CONFIRM ALL YOUR APPOINTMENTS OR THEY WILL GIVE IT AWAY TO SOMEONE ELSE. They gave mine away to another girl who was running late. So I was asked if I could come back 2 hours later n I said no my mom would flip out n is super busy. So they were able to squeeze me in. I was so upset..this is the first doc office I ever heard of where the patients need to confirm their appointments and don't even know that they have to! Ugh. Anyways I got my massage by eilyeen this time and she was quick but thorough..2 percs were not enough for this massage. She said I looked really good and barely had any fluid built up. I started using my board a few days ago and my stomach is superrrr flat. It had changed so much.

I am still in my 2xl garment..I had my mom take it in on the sides today so it is super tight. Before having her take it in I was using my small waist cincher but immediately stopped when I noticed it was making my hips weirdly shaped. Waist cinchers do not get rid of fat they simply MOVE it down to your hips and your chest or up to your breast. So some fat was moved to the front on one hip and it looks weird. I am going to wait one or two more weeks to begin using it.

My mom keeps telling me how my butt keeps getting smaller but it still looks huge to me. She put in about 6 grand so she is not liking seeing her money disappear before her eyes lol

I tried on underwear for the first time today and I loved what I saw in the mirror!

This recovery process is long and hard..had a mini break down today because I desperately want to go back to work and start making money..I work 64 hr work weeks.

My vedette 136 is suppose to arrive within the next few days..can't wait for that. This cg will be going straight to the trash! I have a rash in the area between your thigh and vagina on both sides.

I will be getting the rest of my massages at cs post lipo massage here in Miami..I am getting 5 more for $300 and then I am done. Cannot afford any more.

Mini update

So I have been wearing my small squeem over my garment/foams/board because I am still in my 2xl cg....today I started wearing it on the second clasp..it is super tight but Bearable. my medium vedette arrives wed.

My waist is at 30 inches..it has gone down about 4 inches. my goal is 28..I don't want it any smaller than that i have broad shoulders n I am not petite so I don't think I would like good with a itty bity waist.

I don't measure my butt and won't until I am 6 weeks post op.

I would post pics with clothes but I'm never in clothes lol..this cg is hard to conceal under clothes.

Salama sucked me dry!

So tonight when I get out the shower I see a bone sticking out on my side n immediately start dealing out..I called my mom to show her n she told me that the bone was my rib n that when I was little she took me to the hospital n the doc told her it was normal..my rib on one side protrudes more outwardly..I haven't seen my ribs since I was a little girl and was very underweight it is so weird to have them out again! My flanks r still swollen so I know I will only get smaller..my sister said it looks like I have a 6 pack
Moises Salama, MD

Real self. I have NOT had the procedure yet so i only gave him 1 STAR because i HAD to give him a rating

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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You look amazing I can't wait until it is my time I keep chickening out :(
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Oh one more question juicygg did you leave your feedback on Google from a laptop or computer because I'm unable to leave One from my phone or laptop?
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I did it from a laptop you are unable to leave google reviews from a mobile device idk why
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Thk Hun I finally figured it out
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Love your results .. And I can relate all your going though . I hate this CG it is not vagina friendly . I can't wear this for six weeks. So youll start the vedette after 2 weeks? This whole process is uncomfortable
  • Reply
Thank u! I am going to start it at 3 weeks..I would of started it sooner but it won't arrive until I am 3 weeks post. I cut the fabric where the vagina is so that it can breathe lol
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Hey girl!! I had my lipo done last week today is my 5th and last limpathic massage I'm gettin... This place ur going to will keep opening your incisions until the last massage? I also wanna go somewhere else because vanity doesn't have ultrasound... Please let me know :)
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This place has ultrasound combined with the massage. I have my first one on Monday. My incisions have already closed and were not reopened during my fourth massage so I don't expect them to be reopened ever again..I probably wouldn't let them do so. (786) 942-5360 Here's their number so u can call and ask
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I lover your shape and booty you look great!
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Thank u :)
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I tried the half foam roller and my leg fell asleep after 15 min but i bought a mat the thick ones and when you sit on that is squishy and my butt didnt touch but idk if its gone be ok with your height. Ughh its a struggle. I have an suv so it kinda works, i put my bopy on my back so my butt doesnt touch the back of the seat
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Plus i am 5.5 so its a bit easier and i still touch the roof
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Those half foam rollers are horrible idk y so many girls re commend them I regret buying mine..their too firm n also make your legs fall asleep. I'm going to try a yoga mat next :/
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I know not much use for it in fact its dangerous for driving i kinda started freaking out when my right leg started to fall asleep. Ill post a pic of the yoga mat i got. One of the girls at recovery house cut the sides so it would fit on the seat, she actually used it on the plane too
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I posted a pic of mine but dont cut it before you try if it works for you
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I took my foam roller back and got the firmest yoga roll I could find in Marshall's it was so much better. This was before my surgery
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I bought mine on amazon so i dont think i can return it but at least it was cheap. I just wish more people would say here how dangerous it is
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enjoyed ur story. u look great. i'm counting down for bbl - may 2nd...
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Thank u..good luck may 2 is right around the corner
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The twins look nice Hun who did them
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Ty I have a review on here for them, wouldn't recommend the surgeon
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And your boobs are perfect girl ! You are so lucky so gorgeous ! Wanna see your face ... Lol ... Good luck with everything keep us posted wanna see how clothes fits ! You are gonna look so good ! I can wait for my surgery now ! Thinking of getting bigger boobs as well! How many cc are your boobs?
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Awww thanks Hun! I got 550 in the left and 650 in the right..one boob was bigger than the other pre op. I haven't started wearing clothes yet but when I do I'll def update u girls :) I need to buy leggings ASAP
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Um you look fab!! That booty is perfect! Wait till it fluffs!! How did you tell Dr. S what you wanted?! Loving your body!!
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Thanks Hun! I told him I wanted a waist because I literally didn't have one lol and I told him I really like the shape of my butt just wanted it much bigger and filled out with no shelf..I didn't show him any wish pics.
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