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Ok ladies I'm new to the site but I've been...

Ok ladies I'm new to the site but I've been looking into bbl's for about 5 yrsss.!! so glad I found this site wish I would of found it sooner because the price back then for this doc. in Nc was $17,000! No way no how and now I've been thinkn I'm too old to get it!! I'm 39, but after thinking about it and talking to Nancy, I decided I'm going in!! Hell my kids are grown I look and feel 29, and for my 40th bday i said wanted to do it BIG real BIG!!

My bff has always had something negative to say about my booty and I am so self conscience about it! Its big but no freaking shape!! I cant even remember the last time I wore a skirt at least 10yrs. I have nooo butt in a skirt.Talked with Nancy and the soonest I could have it done was March!! idk if that will give me enough time to be ready for my Memorial Day trip I hope so cause Im going for it!!

After reading all the reviews I'm a little nerveous about the pain..uuugh Im not good with pain and I hate takin perks.Is it worse than having kids?? I always said it cost to look good and no pain no gain but omggg!!

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thanks Nicki86!! Im excited!! By the way has anyone had a tt with Dr. Salama? I went to his web site and they only had 2 or 3 before and aft. pics . I needed more info. Saw one review and that person wasnt to pleased so if anyone has info let me know please.
hey girl, welcome to the bbl sisterhood. Congrats on starting your journey... let the ecitement begin...
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