Being Hispanic and coming from a family where even...

Being Hispanic and coming from a family where even some of the men have big butts has always made me feel left out.
I always said that surgery was an option if exercise couldn't get me what I wanted but the more I read the reviews you wonderful
ladies have up especially ENJOYSELF, I have started to want this surgery even more so.

I have inquired pricing with Dr. Salama in Aventur, Fl and he gave me a quote of $7,000;
Liposuction of basically my entire stomach and back area.
Liposuction of my thighs.
Then Fat Deposited to my posterior via BBL.

I would definitely go through with this procedure now but school is preventing me from getting the time off.

For now I would like to be a bit more informed on this surgery and I was hoping you beautiful ladies could help me.
Here are a few questions, thank you in advanced:)

1.) Have any of you ladies had the BBL surgery and then had kids afterwards? (I haven't had any kids and I'd like to in the future but I wouldn't want the surgery to have basically gone to waist.)

2.) Have any of you ladies lost your booty's post op? I hear both stories that say after a year it'll be lost and then I hear stories stating that it is false and your results are permanent after a few months. help please?

3.) Have any of you had positive results with any doctor who is not Dr. Salama and how much did they charge? I am very interested in still finding out more on great doctors (especially those near California).

4.) If I am taller than 5'6 and weight about 170, how many cc's would you recommend to get me a booty between that of Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lopez?

I am hearing amazing things about Dr Campos and Dr...

I am hearing amazing things about Dr Campos and Dr. Cardenas in Mexico; anyone have any feedback?
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Hey gurl,
Congrats on starting your journey.
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Hello wishfullthinker! I would say do whatever makes you happy! If you feel that getting lipo and a BBL willl make you happy then by all means DO IT!!! I have heard and seen many great things about Dr. Salama and also Campos and Cardenas (which are closer to you). I am scheduled with Cardenas June 16th and I am aiming for 1000-1200cc due to the possibility of 20-40% absorbtion rate that way if I do lose volume my butt will still be a nice size! I have been on here long enough to know that once the swelling in the butt goes down MAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNYYYY women wished that they had gotten more fat injected into the butt and has planned or have gone for a round 2 but I just want to do this once so I am going to go bigger than what I want so when it absorbs my butt will still be big and I would not have to worry about a round 2. Good luck in your research and journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@wishfulthinker my butt looks like kim K and I only had 900ccs so i think about 700 maybe 600 would give you that look. Either way take your pic to your doc and he'll be able to tell you. Im also hispanic and I know how you feel. I haven't had kids but i'm not planning on having any for about 7 years so I want to have a beautiful bod for many yeras. Don't know much about loosing volume but I highly doubt it. Im 2 weeks post op from doc Salama and I haven't lost any volume since the 1st day.
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@Ariana3170 Thank you so much for your input, I really need as much help as possible. I will continue to check on your profile to see your updates. For now I'd like to ask you how your surgery went and If you'd recommend your Dr. Salama, your results are beautiful btw.
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good luck
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@sexyatlast Thank You So Much
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