Almost, 1 Week to Get my Surgery - Aventura, FL

I don't speak english very well , but I am going...

i don't speak english very well , but I am going to try

my surgery will be 08/21/12

I am very exited , and worry at same time, because my husband dosen;t want
I don't want a big butt, just something natural what do you think?
i am going to post my pictures after the surgery.
I am going to do lipo in my armas, chin,inner thighs, belly back up and down
me van a chupar por todos lados jaja
i had to eat a lot of because I didn't have a lot fat

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Good luck with your upcoming surgery, I hope all goes well for you!

Hi girly welcome!!, :-) i hear you on the butt size you dont want it to look cartoony. but if you dont want a big butt at all i would still keep in mind that not all the fat gets absorbed so i would get it a little bigger than what you have in mind, it will go down, swelling etc. It also depends on your butt shape already to :-/ lol bueno girl suerte tu esta en buen manos ese hombre es una artista!! ;-) xoxo keeps us posted.
@ nycolao bienvenida al club ,,welcome to the club of desperate housewifes
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