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Hello ladies of RS! I'm a nebie and I have been...

Hello ladies of RS! I'm a nebie and I have been addicted to reading the latest reviews and looking at the fabulous photos of many of you wonderful ladies on here and I am preparing for my own journey to reimburse myself with some much needed body improvements that pregnancy left behind! I would love to do it all in one shot but I haven't come across any reviews. I contacted DR. Salama via email and I am awaiting a response. Once I gather enough courage I will post my horrific before photos! I'd greatly appreciate any comments! :)

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hey mariah, I'm sure you already received a response from Salama but I've spoken to his office and they've told me that you can do BL/BA +TT + LIPO. You just can't add a BBL if you're doing ANY BOOB work (BL or BA) because you can't lie on your stomach. However, you can combine a BBL + TT. and lay on your side during recovery. Hope that helps! I'm also doing a mommy makeover in Sept. I can't wait. I'll be doing a BBL +TT +LIPO with Dr. Azurin of Miami. I have a consult with Dr. Salama next week because I want to get a second opinion on some of the procedures. Really, the only reason I even scheduled a consult with him is because of the glowing reviews he has here. I was pretty much set on Azurin for the BBL +LIPO+TT. But I have to check this doc out before I make it official!
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Oh my god! ! His results are amazing, I might reconsider! I actually have not heard back from Dr. Salama but I only contacted him via email. I am convinced that I want the procedure but I also know I want to have another child soon so I'm planning on Jan 2014 for surgery. That will give me a few months to lose some baby weight and recover. I did notice another mommy on here that states she is getting all procedures done in one so I will definitely use her journey and recovery as an example.

I am so glad you introduced to me Dr. A because I definitely want to make a person visit with him and Dr. Salama just too get a second opinion just as you are. I'm sure you are going to look amazing, I am looking forward in reading and watching your journey blossom! :)
IMHO, Dr. A is s.fl best kept secret. I think Salama does great work which is why I'm going to the consult. I feel that I'd be cheating myself if I didn't see another equally great doctor but in my heart I like Dr. Azurin's style more FOR ME. Dr. A is obsessed with leaving his patient's with an hourglass figure and giving you a heart shaped bottom. I've seen many BBL's that are just too much 'junk in the trunk' and not enough of a definitive frame or shape to the person.

However, I have to state that this is all a matter of taste!! So please please please, I hope I'm not offending anyone by writing that. Some women just want as much fat stuffed in there and not really worried about anything else and this is perfectly ok! I want a big ole booty too , with a crazy hourglass figure to boot! and so far - Dr. A seems to be my guy!

I have posted my pics along with Photoshopped...

I have posted my pics along with Photoshopped after wish pics, I hope my desires are realistic. As much as I would prefer to get the mommy makeover and the brazillian butt lift all at one, after recent research I have come to the conclusion that I don't want to jeopardize my results for either procedure by laying them. I think will do TT, Lipo and BBL and weeks later, once i am healed, follow up with BL, BA and touch ups if needed. I'm keeping a close watch on many of my RS mommy makeover sister and BBL sisters on here in the meantime!


I just read your post and I am not sure if you are still posting but surely Dr. Salama isn't doing BBL and TT.
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Have any updates for us?

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Mariah, you have to show me how you do that photoshop stuff lol... I love that hourglass wish pic!
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