On my Way a New Fuller Butt ;) - Aventura, FL

I am 29 & already hve a butt but its in need...

I am 29 & already hve a butt but its in need of a lift & filler so prayfully & hopefully I get jst that,right along with lipo. I'm on my way to airport as we speak & I'm a bit nervous. Scheduled 4 surgery. Ok guys I'm at airport ttyl.


Hi hopeallgoes well, How did you surgery go? Its been a while since you did it. Are you happy with your results? I am considering your doctor and wanted to know how everything went.
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i just consulted with doctor and I think he's great. Let me know how your surgery goes. Good Luck
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Wow this will be me at the end of July. Reading your post just made me really excited. I too have a big butt already but I want a rounder bubble (lol) and the sculpt. OOOhh can't wait! Praying for you girlie! Cant wait for your flicks.
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