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Sceduled for my bbl July 2nd.. Super nervous. I...

Sceduled for my bbl July 2nd.. Super nervous. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 10 years ago. It's something c struggle with on a daily basis but for the most part I am healthy. Hoping my condition doesn't skew my lab results or put me more at risk for infection or swelling :(. I've always wanted a more shapely body and have tried exercising but that can only help so much, exercise can't change genetics. That's why I've decided to go on with this surgery. Hope its worth it in the end.

Btw I'm 25 yrs old.. 5'7.5 (yes the half...

Btw I'm 25 yrs old.. 5'7.5 (yes the half makes a diff. lol) and 160 pounds. I was told I should gain 5-10 pounds but my arms are already big, don't want to gain more weight on my arms.

Ya, I know what u mean, plus they tell u that you have to gain weight then on the intructions is states not to over eat. Taking pure vitamin C I think is okay. I pretty much now just have to go shopping for what I'm going to wear the day of surgery and after. I'm excited and really nervous my surgery is may 28! My bbl sisters please pray for me that all goes well with my surgery. My husband and kids will be waiting for me back home. I have a 8-9 hour flight :(
this whole proc. is a serious thing that was contradictory to me was that they tell you to ingest all this vitamin c but on the prep instructions in the packet it says to stay clear of antioxidants...alot of the vitamin c supplements and the powders all say they are strong confused. This whole thing is throwing me for a loop :(i have a headache.....again :/
im in the same boat guys---same weight and height! i gained weight for this though---i use to be like 150 or so and gained to was horrible...but i was eating bad food and my skin paid for it--any tips on what good food to eat to gain? been stressed over having this surgery so I'm losing it now and am scheduled for end of july :(
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