****7 weeks update***BBL Bootylicious - march 2 Aventura, FL

I decided to get a brazilian butt lift because ive...

I decided to get a brazilian butt lift because ive always wanted to have a more shapely figure. Ive tried to work out and get in shape to lose my stomach but I just wound up losing not only weight but my butt! I have a pretty decent booty but i would like more volume on the top!!

Im super excited ive been putting together my bbl...

Im super excited ive been putting together my bbl get well kit.. so far I have a yoga mat and yoga block and a strap to carry them every where...
Jeesh if I had your butt I wouldn't even worry about a BBL! Hope everything goes well with your surgery though. I was thinking of going with Dr. Salama but I'm going to go with Dr. Campos instead.
thanks newbooty91... ya my butt is ok..its jus my stomach has always been fat and ive always wanted it to be flat. So when I heard about the bbl i knew I wanted it done.
What made you choose dr.campos?
Really it came down to price when I chose Dr. Campos. He & Dr. Salama were pretty much tied for my first choice because I loved both of their work. Salama quoted me $5989 and Campos quoted me $3498. By time I add in travel + hotel etc. the cost with Salama (or any other US Dr.) were becoming high. I also considered Dr. Perry who quoted me $5900, but again the price was better with Campos.

My surgery is in 2 more weeks. Ive been taking my...

My surgery is in 2 more weeks. Ive been taking my vitamins and trying to eat healthy and working out moderately, because I want to have a speedy recovery.
Ruben and his staff have been very helpful calling and checking up on me and making sure im preparing for my surgery!!
You must be sooo excited as you're getting close to your surgery. Don't worry, you'll be fine & you made the right decision for choosing Dr. Salama. I can't wait to see the NEW IMPROVED you. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
@enjoyself. Thanks so much. I stare at my calender all day counting down the days im super excited! I cant wait to start posting my after pics! Im trying to stay busy..but thats the only thing im thinking about in the back of my mind.
You look good already, if I looked like you I would not need the bbl.

Just posted some wish pics I have so many I want...

Just posted some wish pics I have so many I want post them all... including many from my real self friends! Im def gonna have to narrow some of these down~
@amarettocream.. opps! thanks for the pic! LOL omg how fun would that be if we did have matching booties. I saw that your going to dr.markmann he is has some really good results plus you already have a nice shape so he is going to set it off!!
Haha, NP girl, thank I am soooooo excited. You already have a nice shape and a booty so I know you're about to killem. I'm definitely looking forward to your updates.
Thanks girl!! Im def gonna keep my realself girls updated with pics and commentary!! I have 11 days left... Im so excited

I have posted a list of things that you might need...

I have posted a list of things that you might need for BBL surgery and some pics of some of the products!!
If you have any questions what any of the items are needed for feel free to ask!
Cant wait to see pics!!!!!!
Hey girl! It was great to meet u and again u look fabulous...dr.salama is amazing! hope ur healing well and feeling good
yes! same here. my mom and I were like wow she looks like she didn't have surgery b/c you looked so well and vibrant, but the body is banging! I'm doing fine, hope you are feeling well also. maybe I'll see you again before leaving.

OK Im back my realself chicas!! Im ready to tell...

OK Im back my realself chicas!! Im ready to tell you all about my BBL story.
March 1st
I flew in from North Carolina to Fort Lauderdale airport and then drove to Dr.S office to meet with the fabulous Ruben and Niomi to go over my schedule, sign papers and what to expect for my surgery the next day! They are both really friendly, organized and knowledgeable about everything!
March 2nd (day of surgery)
I had to wake up really early like 5am b/c I was the first surgery of the day. I meet with Dr.S and he went over everything that was about to transpire and answered all my questions. (which I forgot to print out) but they were not that trivial so I wasn’t worried I just asked him all the ones I could remember. I also forgot to print out my wish pics so I just told Dr. S that I want the max amount of fat that he could put in and that’s it. I just let him work his magic. (I GOT 1300 CC’S PER SIDE!!!)
The anesthesiologist was amazing he was very helpful before and after. He made me feel really comfortable he was really funny also before he put my under he reassured me that everything was gonna be great and then told me he was gonna give me some great Mexican tequila to make me feel good and I was out like a light. He made sure that my sister was updated at all times and that I was ok.
When I woke up I was really sore and grumpy and really mean to the lady that was helping me. It was the anesthesia and pain talking though. When she pulled out my catheter ouch! And then sat me up that was not a comfy feeling. Then she wheeled me out and to the hotel I went. I really didn’t get any slept, my neck hurt so bad from laying on my stomach. Also getting in and out the bed was terrible. I had to get really creative cause the bed were really tall I used to phone book as a lil steppin stool to get in the bed. Also I tried to dring as much water and gatoraid as possible to keep hydrated so I had to pee a lot also. I bought the GO Girl a female pee urinal device. But I use a hotel cup with a whole at the bottom it works a lot better. Less spillage on the sides. After surgery it is really important to take in as much fluids as possible b/c you lose a lot. So I have to pee all the time.
March 3rd
I made sure that I stayed on top of taking me meds especially my pain pills. The pain was prob the worst this day, and got a lil better everyday after that.
March 4th
Just laying around really sucks, you neck shoulder and body starts to hurt from laying on my stomach.
March 6th
I got my first massage. When taking off the garment I felt like I was gonna faint. During the massage the back part was ok, but painful but then when she got towards the front stomach I was in tears it hurt really bad.
March 7th
Had a consult with Dr.s he ans some questions and told me had a great big booty and I looked fantastic. Dr.S is amazing my gratitude cannot even be expressed in words he gave me the booty of my dreams. Then I had my second massage I wasn’t as nearly as bad as the first, bearable and no tears. On Friday im really excited because they are gonna remove my drains and Ima gonna get my last massage.
Hey there Im still looking forward to seeing some more pics from you! So far you look great though! Im staying at the Marbay Hotel and I leave in two weeks I hope that hotel is good to me!
@barbz. wow 2 weeks is goin to fly by so fast. I know you gotta be super excited. I know mommymakeover stayed there and said it was cool!
Wow u look awesome. I cant wait. April 12th

Its 3 weeks post op im doing well. Ive been...

Its 3 weeks post op im doing well. Ive been getting massages and stretching to loosen up my skin on my ab and flanks. It surprisingly really tight after having the fat removed from my stomach I though that my skin would be loose but it is the exact opposite!! My butt has shrunk some I keep my fingers crossed everyday hoping that It remains exactly the way it is. I have really been using a lil portable stool to kneel on during classes.. I sit on the boopy just a lil bit and use my yoga mat and pillow behind my back to drive.
before 36-34-41
2weeks post op 36-32-43
3 weeks post op 36-30-42...........my waist has really shrunk!
@nevah..It was more like the 2-3 week range. The first week everything is real swollen and firm!!
Can't wait to see ur updated pics! How much volume do you think u lost and was it mostly within the first week?
@teresa8296,,Thanks for the compliment!! I will def post more pics. I need to cause I dont really like the ones I posted b4 they dont really capture my booty the way I wanted!!

4 weeks after surgery My skin is loosing up more...

4 weeks after surgery
My skin is loosing up more and more everyday. And the irregularities in my stomach are starting to smooth out more and more. I cant wait to finally stop wearing my compression garment and really show off the curves!! So far Im really happy with my results. I love trying on clothes my stomach is flatter than its even been and my booty is like pow pow!!
Wow u look amazing!!!
anyone want to switch dates. I know this is a long shot, because we are all so anxious, but i figured it's worth a shot. I have an early aug date or sept if thats better for you and i am looking to get my bbl does ASAP. thanx girlies
Congrats on your surgery you look awesome! I'm not going to ur Dr. But I was wondering if u cud tell me the brand of ur garment. I really want one if those! Thanks and happy healing!

WEEK 7 measurements 36-29-43 Im doing great my...

WEEK 7 measurements 36-29-43
Im doing great my booty is still pow pow and im lovin the way my clothes feel. My stomach is still a little hard but is loosing up a lil everyday!!
You look great. I was wondering what type of garment you used.
What garment did you use it looks comfy
Pow pow is exactly all needs to be said, u looking good!!!!!!!!
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Dr.Salama is great I like to call him a Magician he takes your old body waves his scalpel and cannula and poof you have the body you have always dreamed about.

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