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One Week After Cellulaze - Australia, AU

Hi all, I have been reading your reviews and found...

Hi all, I have been reading your reviews and found them helpful so thought I would share mine and ask for your advice too.

My procedure was for my buttocks and posterior thighs. This procedure was seriously a walk in the park, the worst part for me was getting my drip in. The actual laser only took maybe 40 minutes? I was out shopping a few hours later, and the next day I was great, though it did feel like an intense muscle work out at the gym, and some ovious tenderness. I am sooooo overly anxious to see relults and fearul that I will have wasted that money. I see a very slight improvement in the few dimples I had, but it is the patch of bulging cellulite under my butt that drove me to go ahead with this procedure and i dont see any change in this at all, and i dont have any tenderness in this area either which worries me and I am wondering if it was not lasered enough? Maybe the lumpy areas take longer as there is more fat build up? NOt sure?

Hi Pacsky, Who performed your procedure? I wanted to get Cellulaze done in Australia and was told by Cynosure (the company who makes the Cellulaze equipment and trains the doctors in Cellulaze) that there are no doctors in Australia who are offering Cellulaze as of present. Are you sure it was Cellulaze and not another laser procedure like SmarLipo? Your post worries me. Please update.

I would strongly encourage you to read and ask questions on some of the other reviews in the community.

I'm surprised you felt up to going shopping. If you check out Aging Maven's review you will see she went to her daughters recital the night of her procedure but said it was a bad call.

If you are only a week out you are still really early in the healing phase. It seems a lot of other community members are still swollen at that point so the cellulite is "hidden". If you start to read their reviews you will see where they discuss it being gone, then coming back before they see their final results.

Here is a Q&A that might be of interest to you:

How Long Does It Take for Cellulaze to Work?

Keep us updated, and if you feel comfortable please share some pictures!


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I am holding my final rating as i am only a week out from the procedure.

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