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Ultrashape on Outer Thighs - Did Not Work at All! - Australia

I am 25, fit & healthy, 170cm tall & 62kg....

I am 25, fit & healthy, 170cm tall & 62kg. I have stubborn pouches of fat on my outer thighs that stick out. I had ultrashape 3 sessions on both thighs. I experienced a hot pricking sensation during the treatment (similar to laser hair removal) but it was quite bearable and I had no side effects at all afterwards - I went straight back to work.

My treatments were 1 month apart and after the 3 rd one I had seen no results whatsoever despite losing 2kg over the period. The nurse told me it could take 3 months to see results, so I waited hopefully but it is now 1 year later and my measurements have not changed at all. Very disappointed. I guess it works for some people but not for me so I would not recommend it to anyone with my body type.


Hi Sharon, I have been considering coolsculpting but I'm hesitating because a lot of people on here have experienced painful side effects. Also I'm not sure whether it is suitable for outer thighs, most people seem to do abdomen. Would appreciate any advice on this!
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I've heard that you can get it on the outer thighs, but you have to be the right candidate. Basically, you have to have enough loose, flabby fat to suck into the device (nice image, right?)... which is easy enough for the stomach or inner thighs, but not always the outer thighs.

If you want, you can post a photo and get some opinions on the Doctor Q&A Forum. They can tell you if you're a good candidate.

I'm sorry to hear about your lack of results, ozzik. It seems strange not to get results, even after losing weight! :( Are you planning on trying anything else in the future?

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