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Today is the Day - Australia

Today is the day, it is 2.30am and I am wide awake...

Today is the day, it is 2.30am and I am wide awake unable to sleep, so here I am. I am 38 and have had 5 children, 4 of those being c sections. I have wanted this for a long long time, I am excited and nervous and am off to hospital in 4 hours time, I will post back here and put before and after pics on here as I am up to it.

Thanks girls, well it is the morning of day3 and I am going home today,I have to have my pain buster catheter taken out first then a shower and be shown how to empty my drains, the has been no where near as bad as I imagined it would be. A lot of it is discomfort from the extremely tight binder. The first day I wondered what the hell I had done to myself lol but now on day 3 I'm feeling better, I haven't seen it yet so I am excited to see what it looks like although I assume there will be a fair amount of swelling. Will keep you posted as the days go by and put pics on as I feel up to it

Thinking about you today:)

Congratulations!! I pray that everything went well for you. Can't wait to see the before and after pictures.
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