Tummy Tuck Scar and Tummy Button Revision - Australia

I have just had the lower part of my tummy tuck...

I have just had the lower part of my tummy tuck scar and tummy button revised. My surgeon also removed a permanent stitch that was poking outwards. The surgery was quick and simple but I had post op bleeding that lead to the skin blistering. My tummy button is a red wound and looks ghastly but the skin is slowly starting to heal. The tummy tuck scar is still under dressing. 5 days on there is still bruising and swelling. I can now bend down to touch the ground but can't reach hands high over my head.

3 weeks after revision. I have lost skin that...

3 weeks after revision. I have lost skin that blistered away under the dressing and the revised tummy button is still an open wound. Unfortunately my Doctor now thinks this will take a long time to heal and I will require skin grafts. I'm curious as to whether anyone has had these problems.

3.5 weeks after scar revision. Unforturnately I...

3.5 weeks after scar revision. Unforturnately I have necrosis in both the umbilicus and lower tummy tuck scar. This is probably due to steroids being injected at time of surgery. My the skin on my umblicicus died and all that is left is a mess of black dead and yellow dying tissue. The skin around the stiches has completed disolved. The tummy tuck scar is healing well but I have lost considerable skin around it due to necrosis. Those areas are black and hard and the resulting scarring is looking quite extreme. I now see my plastic surgeon twice a week and I probably need skin grafts in another week. I regret allowing the surgery as I didn't understand the risks of injecting surgery directly into a fresh surgical cut.

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Welcome to RealSelf!

So you had a revision?  How soon after the first surgery did you have this done?  Were you left with more skin than you expected the first round? 

Are you comfortable posting before and after pictures from both procedures?  Several women on the site have inquired about revisions or are scheduled for them soon.  It is always helpful to actually see the results. 

I look forward to reading your posts.
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