Excruciating Pain Like Electric Shots. -Australia

I had in office Zoom treatment and after leaving...

I had in office Zoom treatment and after leaving the zinger shots were excruciating. I had to leave work early. But Hang in there. The pain will be gone in 24 hours. My advice is to get the in office treatment early in the morning so the bulk of the pain isn't when u r trying to go to bed. Alternate paracetamol and ibrprofun; keep mouth shut as much as possible and wet with saliva. I am very happy with the effect but I would not recommend to another as it is excruciating pain.

I just got the zoom whitening today and am feeling those zingers or electric shocks every couple of minutes it really is the worst I would never do this again I took the ibuprofen they gave me and is finally starting to calm the pain and it did make my teeth very white but I wasn't expecting this pain @ all


Oh ouch, while I'm glad you at least got really good results, sorry to hear how uncomfortable it was for you. Had you ever done any over-the-counter at home whiteners before, like Crest White Strips? If so, I'd be curious to hear if those caused sensitivity for you.

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