Had Juverdem Injected to my Nose' Bridge About a Week Ago Now the Filler Has Completely Disappeared - Australia

I had a dermal filler (Juvederm) injected to the...

I had a dermal filler (Juvederm) injected to the bridge of my nose about a week ago.

first day i had it, the result seems very obvious. day by day it shrinking, and now there is some part of my nose' filler that have been completely dissolved. my nurse injector only injected a lil amount however, and she said she will complete the procedure (inject more dermal filler - juvederm) to get the result i want. but is it suppose to completely dissolved?

i paid AU$625 for this and it suppose to last for at least 6 months.

Had a dermal filler(juvederm) injected to my nose about a week ago, now the (some) of the filler has completely dissolved. what happened?

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That's supposed to happen. My doc had me come in for 2 rounds. Told me that some of the initial result is due to swelling, and that I should come back in 3 weeks for a second round (which he only charged me half price for). Did that last week and now my nose is perfection! Love it!
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Hi Robyn, how long did your results last? Thanks!
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