Swollen Lips from Restylane - Australia

I had restalyne injections 4 days ago to my lip....

i had restalyne injections 4 days ago to my lip. The bow of my lip is really fat and the corners of my lip looked turned up!

I am really panicked about it, not sure if its swelling or the final result. I had 1 mill injected, is that alot of product? i have very small lps and wanted a subtle result. What should i do?

should i wait a few more day for the swelling to subside or shall i contact my plastic surgeon to have it desolved?


i too panicked when my lips were done. I now wonder if it took at all. The final result was very subtle. Please keep us treated with your progress.
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Hi I had a similar experience with the same product. In my experience, it took a couple of weeks for the swelling to fully subside. After week 1, you should see a definite improvement. Good luck. D
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