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Worried, Nervous? What Did I Do? - Australia

I have been reading bad reviews of people gaining...

I have been reading bad reviews of people gaining weight even with diet and exericse? I'm so worried I have done somthing I'll regret.
I love the results so far (except some lumpiness in my inner thighs). I had my inner thighs, knees and love handles done... Was so impressed to see no love handles for the first time in my life now reading about it more I am worried!

I was under local when I had my lipo done, didn't feel it at all till the end, I was in a lot of pain but each day it gets better, I'm walking like an old lady I do admit! No one knows about my lipo... So had to lie and say I hurt my bum.

I'd love to upload pictures but not sure how to on my phone?

That's right. You can't use the scale as a judge. I'm happy for the way I look and feel. However I have not heard my problem. The pins and needles feeling in my back where lipo areas are healing. Each time I get a hot flash it triggers the pins and needles feeling. Sometimes I just want to cry. I had my procedure Jult 6th.
I don't think people gain weight, it just appears that they did due to the swelling.

If your results look good even at an early stage, then it bodes really well for you. Things can only get better for you as the swelling subsides.

Plus it's not how much you weigh that is important, but the appearance of the areas liposuctioned. So many people on this site are obsessed by the number on the scale, but it is not important.
I too had Lipo of my entire thigh and saddlebags, removed 19#s! Lipo doesnt remove all the fat cells, so you can still gain weight in these areas. My surgeon has me wearing foam under my compression garment, says it helps that clumpiness in the thigh area.
I am almost 2 weeks out from surgery and it does get better everyday. Im fine until I sit still for awhile, then I have to walk slowly until my legs get warmed up lol and the butt is what hurts the worse, guess cause we sit on it and its basically a big bruise, so pushing on a bruise doesnt feel too good!
Check on my photos on my profile....
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