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I have had the Juviderm injections twice in the...

I have had the Juviderm injections twice in the past few years. I currently have none in my lips now. I had 0.8 mls both times. In my experience it lasted a lot longer than 6 months. Almost a year. The first few months they are at their biggest and plumpest. The procedure itself hurt but it was not unbearable. Although they use an anasthetic you can feel the product going into the corner of the lips. I was fully recovered within 2-3 days (you are not meant to drink coffee/hot foods the first few days). They look and feel very natural. Highly reccomend to anyone wanting a boost.

Thanks so much for sharing that you are suppose to avoid coffee and hot foods the first few days, I didn't know that! It sounds like you had a really good experience with Juvederm. Do you plan to do it again?

I might do it again, my partner doesn't like any of these procedures at all though. Maybe just a little bit ;) I loved it! And if you don't like it, not like it's permanent. My friend had finished taking Roaccutane (she'd been off it a few months) had her lips done and they went all lumpy!! She had to have the antidote injected. She tried again over a year later and they were fine. Beware if you're on Roaccutane!

Wow, very interesting information and I'm so glad you shared it because I had no idea that was an issue! It seems that doctors are somewhat divided on what they have seen with Accutane and Dermal Fillers. These Q&A's might be helpful for anyone else interested:

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