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Juvederm Ultra Under Eyes for Smile Lines - Australia

Hi everyone Well im sure you have all seen my...

Hi everyone

Well im sure you have all seen my posts - basically over the past year under my eyes have been hollowing out and when i smile my cheeks push up and create a horrible fold under my eyes.

I had been to three different surgeons who all stuck me with botox which did NOTHING but make it worse- i am only 29!

Yesterday i had my first dose of Juverderm XC with the licodaine in it - the needles when they went in hurt but then i couldnt feel the 'whoosh' of filler so that was nice - although being so close to my eyes freaked me out!

I had one vial under both eyes and a small dash in a smile line and yes i do have brusing under one eye which i covered with makeup this morning - still is a bit swollen.

So i might get more filler when i get back but she didnt want to go further and inject more when i was swelling alot. I am a bit dissapointed i have to get more BUT the lines have definately softened!

Hi Blondie,

Welcome to the Juvederm community. I'm glad you found something that helped with the folds. It's been a few days since you posted your review, how's everything today? It's probably good your doctor was so cautious about injecting you will you were still swollen. Are you going back? Thanks for the pictures and please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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