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I had Fraxel Repair, fairly significant. (Depth of...

I had Fraxel Repair, fairly significant. (Depth of 20-25 if that means anything to you.) The bad things that I didn't expect: It was way more painful than I was prepped for. (Not the procedure itself, which I had under anaesthesia, but the recovery was definitely 10 days of pain.) More long-lasting redness (2 weeks after, I was still slightly swollen and extremely red. The redness was way more than could be covered by any make-up. At 3-1/2 weeks, it's just starting to be able to be covered by make-up). And I got (temporary) scarring (which is resolving with cortisone shots.) The good things: it definitely has done major tightening and smoothing of my skin, like dialing the clock back 7 or 8 years. A significant, noticeable difference, and more natural looking than a facelift.



Thank you for sharing your experience. I plan to have Fraxel Repair done. My face was burned by a chemical peel, which left me a scar on my face. I'm worried about choosing the wrong doctor again. I would appreciate if you let me know where you had your treatment, and the doctor's name.
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HI Sydney,

Thanks for the great review. I am glad it was a good experience, although the pain was more than you thought it would be I'm glad so far it has been good. Please keep us updated to how you are doing and when you are healed would you mind posting pictures?



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His follow up was great - he called me every single day to check on progress. Was very reassuring when I started getting temporary scarring. If you have Fraxel Repair, be prepared, it's way more intense than other Fraxel treatments, and not something to do lightly.

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