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I'm a 48 yr old Woman I had a Renal Transplant...

I'm a 48 yr old Woman I had a Renal Transplant 19yr's ago. I developed Breast Hypertrophy From large doses of Cyclosporin A and Steriods and have suffered from really large breasts since (I'm an H cup). This has caused physical and emotional distress. Iv'e seen 8 Plastic Surgeons and 2 Breast Surgeons, all agreeing that they would not be able to reduce my breasts by much and the fact that my skin is very fragile after 20 yr's of taking medications.

Iv'e decided to have a Bilateral Mastectomy and perhaps look at reconstruction at a later date. My surgery is on the 27 March (next week). I'm relieved I have made a decision so looking forward to being flat chested for a while.

I'm so glad to hear you are looking forward to your surgery, and that you have found a treatment that is right for you.

Please keep us updated on how you are feeling as the date gets closer - we are here to support you!!


Morning of my surgery got up at 6am, had a really...

Morning of my surgery got up at 6am, had a really bad sleep, had breakfast and it was nil by mouth from 7am. Had a beautiful flight to Brisbane arrived 10 minutes early they said to be at the hospital at 11.30am I get there and they told me the time had been changed to 1.30pm so an extra two hour wait. The nurse took me up to the waiting room where I waited until 6.00pm. When I saw the last patient ahead of me go in I went and questioned why I had to wait so long! she went to get a nurse to come and tell me I was the last patient number 12 on the list and I would probaby be in by 9.00pm at night. By now I was cold, tired, dehydrated and blubbering my head off and it didn't help that I had not long ago watched the Dr OZ show when he said the best time to get an operation was in the morning when the surgeon is at his best! My surgeon had been operating since 8.00am that morning. The nurse went to talk to the surgeon and he adjusted the list so I was no 11, not much of a consolation I had alrealy lost the plot I felt like walking out and asking for my money back but it had been such a long arduous road just to get to here and I had already waited sooo long! So by the time I got to theatre I was shaking so badly as I was frozen. By the time I got from recovery room and then to the ward it was now 11.00pm at night! I felt exhausted and all night I had to keep coughing to keep my blood pressure up (mental note to self never take a blood pressure pill before an op) By morning had no pain just felt tight across my chest the nurse got me up took dressing off and got me in the shower half way through the shower she ask's me if I was upset seeing my chest! well to bad if I was! you would of thought she could have asked me that question when she took my dressing off Duh! The day was going well until lunch time when they transferred a women to the bed next to mine I had asked for a private room which I didn't get. The nurses attended to her all day she had the door which faced out on to the highway open until 10.00pm at night and the noise from the traffic was like it was coming straight through the room and then there was all her visitors coming and going. By now I really wanted to go home. Nxt day the surgeon came and said the nurse could remove 2 of the drains and perhaps go home tomorrow he said how good I looked,( I looked like crap) so I just smiled sweetly and said thanks but underneath I was fuming! I'm trying to learn to bite my tounge and not mental out as I do tend to over react to some things! Well alot of things but I think that's just because I'm getting older and my Tolerance levels has completely gone out the window. Haha! The next day I got my bag packed as I just wanted to leave the Surgeon said he could remove final two drains in his office the next day. Exhausted and still fuming I booked into a hotel and just sleep for the rest of the day and night.

Each of my breasts had weighed 5 pounds one was slightly heavier than the other my back and neck pain have all but gone. The scar goes right across my chest as it was a skin sparing mastectomy it looks like no care at all was taken in sewing it back up in fact they just look like they have been hacked off. I have googled lot's of skin sparing mastectomies and they look far better than mine. Now I'm confused as to if I 'm better off or not still not sure what to do from here! Or when to have a reconstruction.
Hi Megan, It's been smooth sailing so far! had no real pain. Regained movement pretty quickly and have only felt tight in the chest area makes me wonder how I am going to get expanders in there now! Still undecided yet but it's only been two weeks so I'm trying to be patient. Reading all the stories has really helped me. I realised now it's not a quick fix but a work in progress... Patience isn't one of my virtue's LOL!...........Helen.

So glad to hear you aren't experiencing much pain - what a relief!!

As for patience, it has certainly never been a strong point of mine either, but you know what they say, patience is a virtue, but those who lack it are the ones that get stuff done. Ok, maybe only I say that, but ya know. ;)

Keep us posted on how you are and what your thoughts are as you continue to heal!


bore1, how are you doing? Would love to hear how your healing is going.


Had a small build up of serus fluid that would not...

Had a small build up of serus fluid that would not reabsorb, so had it drained by ultrasound, small procedure done with a fine needle, took more effort to organize it than to have it done! Some things you just wish you could do yourself. I tried to upload some photo's but had no luck will try again later. I have been googling lot's of Plastic Surgeons but don't know where to start. Will keep googling for now haha!
Hi Helen,

Good to hear the fluid problem was resolved, without too much problem or pain.

As for looking for a PS in Australia, this site is not much help unfortunately, but I would keep doing your research. I would recommend mine only I am in Sydney and you are in OLD. Most GP's will be able to give you the name of some good ones, but I would still check them out fully.

Let us know how you get on...

Good to hear that you did ok with getting the fluid drained!!

As for uploading the pictures, or if you ever need other info on how to use RealSelf, you can click on the help link at the bottom of the page. There you will see info on lots of things, including how to upload photos. :)

To help look for a plastic surgeon you can click on the Doctor Finder tab near the top of the page. You can then search your area, then further narrow your search by procedure or specialty. Its kind of nice because you will be able to check out their profile, see what answers they have given in the Q&A section, and read some reviews of them, hopefully that gives you an idea if they are someone you want to consider going to for treatment.

Chris Pyke

Will get back.

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