Going Back to Natural After 14 Years - Australia

Hi all! I live in Brisbane, Australia and I...

Hi all! I live in Brisbane, Australia and I currently have Pip's. 14 years ago I had my first surgery in Colombia( where I'm originally from). I had small breast and unfortunately that is not the best look if you live in Colombia unless you are mature enough to tell people who cares if I don't have big breast. At 25 I was so happy I was having big breast, so I went from 32A to a 36B, my God they werw big! They just look like to big ballons on my chest, anyway at 25 I was happy to have these big boobs!. Then I have a baby in 2008 buy then I was living in Australia and in 2009 I went back to Colombia for a visit so I rang my original surgeon to asked him if it was a good idea to change the implants although I had a few ultrasounds done during the last few years and they were ok. He said yes come and see me and we'll replace them, then I didn't go to the city where he was so I had another plastic surgeon who did a really good job, smaller implants this time, from 360 to 340 under the gland. They look good and no so fake BUT they are PIP implants!!. Now that I am 39 I don't want to get this done again so I decided not to replace. Thanks to this website I found all these stories of women who were breave enough to be themselfs again and decided to embrayce the natural healthy look, because after all the things I been reading about silicone implants I would never want to replace, so many risks and complications that I am not ready to take now when I just had another baby 5 monyhs ago and wasn't able to brastfeed all I want it because of these pips. I am having my app with the plastic surgeon on2nd of July so I will let you know when the big day is going to be! I apollogize if the writing isn't the best but English is not my first language and I am really bad at writing


Hey there....which surgeon are you going too? I'm from Australia QLD too and look to get the implants removed....you can write me to scrufy07@yahoo.com.au if you like :)
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Your writing is just fine, and thank you for sharing your story! I'm sorry you got stuck with the PIPs, but am totally impressed that you want to go natural. I think so many women have naturally beautiful breasts but don't see that, especially when they're young. I'm looking forward to following your journey. Please keep us posted.

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Finally 7 of August! I hope I am doing the right...

Finally 7 of August! I hope I am doing the right thing.


Hi brissyaustralia, I am also in Brisbane and looking to get my implants removed, who was your doctor and how are you now? I'm finding it hard to find a surgeon who will remove and not replace my implants.
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Hi Brissy, Congratulations on your explant :) My review didn't show until I put my pictures up so when you do I'm sure it will show more xx
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I finally did it. Still at hospital. How do I get my profile to be seen with all the others? I will take some pictures when I get home!
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