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Botox on Chin and Cheeks

I had botox done for my cheeks. From the photos ,...

I had botox done for my cheeks. From the photos , they looked great of other people having it done as I have a squarish face and was desiring a more slimmer one. Two weeks into it, and my face and gone lopsided when I smile as half my mouth looked shorter which is dreadful for a person with only a little mouth to begin with.

When I went back in so they can see, the lady said my face would be nice with botox in the chin. I liked my chin but if someone says that they don't like a feature on you, you are going to doubt yourself.

I was offered a free botox for my chin, even though I didn't really want it. I said no but they said it would look a lot nicer. I was silly enough to get it done and now absolutely regretting it. Is there anyway, to get rid of it all, minimise the effects, etc? Please! absolutely desperate.
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The way to get rid of Botox is, unfortunately, to just let it wear off naturally. :(

Here's a related thread with more information: Is there any way to make Botox wear off faster?

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