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Botox Did Not Work on my Forehead, Crow's Feet, Between Eyes and Chin Crease

Had botox done on forehead, crows feet, inbetween...

Had botox done on forehead, crows feet, inbetween eyes and on chin. It had no effect on me whatsoever. Am awaiting a possible answer on this website as to why it didnt work, as the clinic that administered the botox is not interested in helping me.

Hi, I had Botox done on my forehad, inbetween my eyes, my crows feet and on a little crease that is under my bottom lip on the chin. It was quite expensive but it had no effect on me at all. I had top ups about 2 weeks after initial treatment as well, still no effect at all and could still move all facial muscles as before. My family and friends didnt notice any difference and I myself did not notice any difference. So my question is, what could have cause this not to work on me? Thanks in advance.
I had botox injected for my frown lines. I'd had a fat transfer to the area a week prior but my habitual frowning was "squishing" the fat.The botox was given to allow the fat graft to take.Two weeks later I am still waiting! I rang the clinic yesterday and was given earliest possible appointment (Jan 12th) for review and probably some more botox.NB I wasn't charged for the botox as it was part of a larger procedure & only a small amount so disappointed but not heartbroken.I am quite happy to pay for effective treatment since I've chosen this path.Surgeon is terrific!
Possible reasons include: 1) You have pre-existing antibodies to botulinum toxin. This is possible, but really very rare. 2) The Botox was not really Botox, but some cheap or illegal knock-off. 3) The Botox was "old." It's supposed to be used within 4 hours of being reconstituted. Although it retains potency for days beyond that time, paying patients should always get it fresh. 4) The Botox was not kept refrigerated as required and therefore lost potency. 5) Too few units were injected (i.e., less than what they claimed). 6) The person performing the procedure didn't inject it into the muscles (i.e., they missed). Before going back to the same place again, you might want to try another (better) medical practice and see if that makes any difference. All the best, --DCP
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