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To Dilute or Not to Dilute...- Australia, AU

Im about to do my first ever TCA peel and...

Im about to do my first ever TCA peel and purchased a 25% solution. The common trend seems to be that most people start with a low % solution and after being both underwhelmed by the results and confident with the process, bump it up to a 20% or 25% solution and start seeing some real results. My question is... Should I dilute and be underwhelmed or is a 25% solution on the face reasonably safe enough to do for a first application?


I took Megan's advice. I hadn't done any peels before so I purchased a 70% glycolic and diluted to a 15% peel to see how I went with that first. Also a friend purchased the tca and used some on her hands and face. She normally finds she gets limited results from peels but found that the tca did infact make her peel. I saw her mid peel so not sure about her results yet. I definately feel more confident but I will dilute to a 10% for my first tca. After seeing how that goes I will decide if I can do the treatment undiluted.
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Cool.. thanks for the update :) ..so, did your glycolic turn out well? I just did my first TCA peel .. it was a 12.5% and I did 4 layers.. it's my third day out and I haven't started to peel yet but my face looks like it's made or wrinkly plastic *_* ... I'll let you know how it turns out!
well??? how'd it go???
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Have tried fraxel, laser genesis. While I don't currently have pimples, my face is scarred on the chin and cheeks from my acne as a teen

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