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Feeling a bit all over the place, I had my gastric...

Feeling a bit all over the place, I had my gastric band removed 1 week ago after 6 yrs of struggling with it, decided on the gastric sleeve but since having the band removed my stomach has been sore and tender when food goes down, I have had no advice on what I should be eating in this Inbetween stage (sleeve booked in for 2 sept). Feeling nervous of having this irreversible procedure :(


Hi Julie, I'm waiting to get my band removed, and after an 8 week break, planning the sleeve. I'm sure the discomfort is quite usual after any stomach surgery. I guess that's why the surgeons both want us to have a break before sleeving. I read everyone gets nervous and I certainly read enough positives afterwards to be confident. I'm ever increasing after every loss, and I've had enough. I've met up with a few sleepers in person as well, it's not easy but it certainly is less troublesome than the band.
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A week after the surgery now, tummy healing well, still having trouble eating and food going down, I guess my stomach may have changed shape maybe slightly? Who knows? Having the sleeve done on the 2nd sept so not long now :)
Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Is the doctor who removed your band the same doctor that will be doing your sleeve? Can you call them to ask if you should be on any special diet in between?

If you get a chance, check of the Sleeve Forum. There are a lot of sleevers in there and you'll get a lot of support. :-)
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Paul leong

The doctor seems nice but not as informative has I would like

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