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Please read if you are wanting to get Radiesse to...

Please read if you are wanting to get Radiesse to disguise a lump on the bridge of your nose! I got Radiesse injected above and below the hump on my nose to even it out earlier this year (I'd also had it done in July and Sept last year). Overall I was happy with the results as I think it definitely made my nose look nicer but nothing on would a surgical result would be. So now I have run into a big problem where I am ready for a surgical rhinoplasty and I have to wait AT LEAST a year for it to dissolve so I can have to procedure safely. Radiesse is semi permanent and can last up to 2 years and there's no way to reverse it. I'm not happy with my nose at the moment as some of the filler has worn off but what remains is kind of a hardened lump just above the bridge, so I'm stuck in a position where I can't get anymore filler but I can't get surgery so I'm stuck with this for a year! If I had known this I would have gone straight for the surgical rhinoplasty (especially considering I spent nearly $3000 on the injections anyway). So please, if you think you will want a surgical rhinoplasty eventually, don't bother with Radiesse injections as they will hamper you in the future (both physically and financially). Instead go for a temporary filler such as Juvaderm or Restylane (these only last 6 months and can be reversed - which is really what I wanted in my case). Don't be tempted by the longer acting products!!


Hi I'm looking to get radiesse in my nose and don't want the surgery later on but now that I've read that the filler is wearing off but ur left with a lump I'm a bit worried... Would that still dissolve?? Is it noticeable??
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Yes - Just wait till it dissolves. In my case I was injected with Radiesse under my eyes without my permission - I could not stop the doctor as I was afraid he would poke my eyeballs. Three years and it still has not disolved completely.
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Great tips!  So is it not possible to get one of the temporary fillers until you have surgery?

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