Painful Lumps in Upper Abdo Post Liposuction - Australia, AU

Liposuction was very painful in the legs and...

liposuction was very painful in the legs and around my flanks, i had a mini abdoplasty and upper abdo lipo , now i have long hard, tender lumps from my ribs all the way across my upper abdo feels and looks aweful, they feel like long fingers under my skin I AM 12 DAYS POST OP i am really worried they will never go away, i am not a big person 170cm and 67 kg..


I am uk and i am 13 weeks post op today, i have the hard lumps in my upper tummy area but i also have like a big lower tummy bulge almost like a step effect it looks terrible and i wasnt this big beforehand what is going on?? =(
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Australia and UK thank you for sharing your stories and for being so honest as to what you are going thru post op. I hope the lumps under your skin do go away in time. I have been told it can take as much as 3 months for swelling and for everything to settle down. I am sure you will be OK just hang in there and if it still painful and lumps are not going away I would call your surgeon up to see if this is normal. Good luck and please keep us posted. I had weight loss surgery 4 months ago and have lost 66 pounds so far and I can already tell that I will be needing an arm lift. The bat wings need to go but I another 65 pounds to drop before I can have this surgery. Good Luck,
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