Lingual Braces. Anyone in Western Australia. Australia.

Hi. Has anyone had lingual braces in Western...

Hi. Has anyone had lingual braces in Western Australia.
That can give me some feed back? And what orthodontist you went too. I'm going to be going to be going to peel orthodontist in mandurah WA next month.

How much were you charged for the lingual hidden braces? Are they really over the top in price compared to the traditional braces????

I look forward too hearing some feedback

Its great that you are doing research and educating yourself before your appointment. Are you going for a consult then?

I know this will be limited in its helpfulness since its not specific to your area, but to give you a rough idea of costs here are the average costs reported by the community members for different kinds of orthodontics:

Lingual Braces = $7,500

Traditional Braces = $4,100

Invisalign = $4,775

Hopefully that helps at least a bit. Looking forward to hearing more from you, and what you decide to do!


Hi, How did you go with your appointment? Did you get a price for them? I'm also curios as I had 3 quotes for normal braes and invisalign which were all between $6000 - $8000. I found an Orthodontist who does Ligual and I only hvae 1 price for them. I am getting my molds done for Lingual Braces in a couple of weeks. I'm going to an orthodontist who works from Claremont and Joondalup practices. I was quoted twice the price of normal braces and will cost me $14 000! I'd be interested to know what your quote was. Cheers
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