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Invisalign Review. Mildly Crooked Teeth From Crowding - Australia

I have mildly crooked teeth from crowding on the...

I have mildly crooked teeth from crowding on the bottom row and my incisors are turning on the top row. My teeth might stay as they are or get more crowded so I decided to do invisalign for 6 months. In the first two weeks I had clear plastic retainers. My teeth became sensitive & felt loose in the first 3 days so I modified the solidity of my food. Eating biscuits was very unpleasant . I was not told this so I got concerned that it would be rougher sailing than I imagined, but the sensitivity subsided after 3 days. On the 2 nd tray they add the nodes to my teeth. My dentist did it very quickly . The top tray he fitted in was very tight but manageable in terms of pain. This time I got a little depressed as I had cold sores and I had to get the tight retainers out out. I almost cried with pain inside and outside. It was initially much more difficult to remove the retainers and my teeth hurt for the first 5 days of the 2 nd tray. After 5 days I got used to it and have learned to get them in and out fairly quickly moving from left to right to rip them out.. I was surprised at how ugly my retainers looked .2 nodes on my incisor teeth make me look like I have fangs. They are definitely noticeable. I'm starting my 3rd tray (4th week) Tuesday . I imagine the pain for the first 3 days will start again. No turning back now!! Also I've developed a slight lisp which was supposed to go after a few days but it is still slightly there. I cant help constantly sucking on the retainers, so I'm mindful of trying not to do that. This happens as the retainers become looser on the teeth. The pain/sensitivity is manageable. Yes you can take your retainers out to eat but they don't tell you that it'll be best to stick to softer foods. Maybe it is obvious to the dentist!


Oh my goodness, I can imagine it would really hurt to take the trays out when you have a cold sore. :( I'm sorry you had to go through that on your first set of trays with your attachments on. You might want to mention to your dentist that you didn't feel very prepared for what was to come. Obviously, it won't really help you, but at least it might help the office to advise the patients more on what to expect.

Do you have any discomfort from the attachments when you have the trays out for eating?

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By the way the lisp has pretty much gone, but I am...

By the way the lisp has pretty much gone, but I am still clenching and sucking on my retainers at times.


I mean I only drink water and lemongrass tea with the trays in. I drink coffee and wine with them out.
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Well I am coming up to 5 weeks now. The trays don't cause me any pain. I have a little tooth/gum sensitivity in the first few days of a new tray but it is bearable, I have had no discomfort from the attachments. I have noticed my lovely white teeth are yellowing. I drink coffee and eat sweets with the trays out and brush my teeth after each meal. Should I be avoiding some foods with the trays out? I only drink water and lemongrass tea.
I will definitely let my dentist know that I need more info. Looking at all the questions on this website it seems that lack of information is a common theme.
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Yeah, I can see how lack of information would seem a common theme. I think we also have to keep in mind that (most) dental offices do the best they can to educate their patients on what to expect, but of course people experience different things, and no one can possibly remember every detail told to them, so that is why we are here to share with each other. :)

I'm so glad to hear you are doing well at 5 weeks in! If you feel that your teeth are yellowing, you could definitely mention it to your dentist. It seems quite a few people whiten their teeth with the Invisalign trays. Here is a Q&A about it:

Whitening with Invisalign Tray and Attachments?

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I'm happy with my provider after 4 weeks of treatment .He is helpful and professional . I know that they will see me if iI have a problem. but I didn't realise it would not look invisible and in fact be noticably,quite ugly.

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