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Hi all, I just had my Otoplasty procedure done on...

Hi all, I just had my Otoplasty procedure done on the 18th after wanting to have it done for as long as I can remember. Before the procedure my specific concern was that the bottom third of my ear would stick out once they were pinned back, and I kind of feel like that's exactly what's happened. Granted the photos I'm posting are immediately post-op so perhaps once the swelling subsides the result might look a bit more natural, just wondering your thoughts? Not sure if I am just being overly critical?


Hi, just wondering how you feel about your ears now 6 months after the operation? I had my ears pinned back two weeks ago and I'm not completely happy with the result - one ear is the same as you've described above (too far back in the middle) and the other seems to have gone back to how it was before the operation and sticks out quite a bit. Not sure if I'm just being too impatient though and I need to give them more time to settle. I'd love to know how you feel about your ears now.
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Hi, can you let us know who your surgeon was? And how are they going now, 2 months post-op?
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Hallo markepokusu. First of all I’d like to say that nothing final can be said yet about the outcome just 1 day after the otoplasty. If you were operated on with a traditional method, the swelling after the procedure is, as a rule, significantly stronger due to the greater invasiveness of this method than, for example, with the minimally invasive Stitch Method. A swollen ear always appears more protruding than an ear that isn’t swollen. With both methods of otoplasty, the preliminary results can be seen after 3 months at the earliest, and the final results usually after 6 months. Therefore I advise you to send actual photos no earlier than 3 months after the operation, but 6 months would even be better.
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