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Otoplasty, Mixed Feelings - Australia

Hi all, I just had my Otoplasty procedure done on...

Hi all, I just had my Otoplasty procedure done on the 18th after wanting to have it done for as long as I can remember. Before the procedure my specific concern was that the bottom third of my ear would stick out once they were pinned back, and I kind of feel like that's exactly what's happened. Granted the photos I'm posting are immediately post-op so perhaps once the swelling subsides the result might look a bit more natural, just wondering your thoughts? Not sure if I am just being overly critical?
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Hi, can you let us know who your surgeon was? And how are they going now, 2 months post-op?
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Hallo markepokusu. First of all I’d like to say that nothing final can be said yet about the outcome just 1 day after the otoplasty. If you were operated on with a traditional method, the swelling after the procedure is, as a rule, significantly stronger due to the greater invasiveness of this method than, for example, with the minimally invasive Stitch Method. A swollen ear always appears more protruding than an ear that isn’t swollen. With both methods of otoplasty, the preliminary results can be seen after 3 months at the earliest, and the final results usually after 6 months. Therefore I advise you to send actual photos no earlier than 3 months after the operation, but 6 months would even be better.
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