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Can anyone give me their feedback and experience...

can anyone give me their feedback and experience with this procedure.
I am considering having this done, but i am wanting to hear back from people. So difficult to find anyone who has had this done!
please help, thanks so much
I live in Perth, western australia, have ALWAYS been unable to build my calf muscles and they are very thin 12.5 mm .
Hi ausgal, not sure if you have had your surgery yet but I had my calf implants done 17 years ago in Sydney. Whilst my result is not perfect my legs are better than they were. My left leg implant is more forward than the right. The right implant is more noticeable at the back because of its positioning. The problem is that calf implants still do not address the skinny ankle problem, in fact it prob makes the area under the implant look thinner. I have paid for fillers to be injected every summer to help give the implant a more gradual sweep toward the ankle. This is very costly. I have thought about fat transfer to this area but reviews have said the fat transfer looks great at first then doesn't take because of the constant movement in this area. I am currently looking into having theses implants removed & replaced with a longer implant. I definitely wouldn't use the first surgeon that did my implants but am finding it hard to find anyone in Australia that has done enough of these procedures to give me the confidence to undergo this procedure again. Pain wise after surgery I wouldn't have even known anything had been done to my right leg, but my left leg was very painful due to the nerves being impinged down the front of my shin, my leg was on fire for 2 weeks & if it hadn't of subsided I was ready to have it removed. I think when having any type of plastic surgery you have to keep an open mind & relise that it's never going to look 100% natural, but having said that I do wear dresses now, but still not shorts in public. I'm thinking it may be worth going to USA to have them replaced as I can't afford to go thru this procedure again without a better result than what I have now.

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