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Back in April of this year I had botox around my...

Back in April of this year I had botox around my eyebrows for the first time, I am 55 and was really noticing my eyebrows were getting that "heavy" feeling. That botox only lasted 6 weeks. In June I started back at gym which I do nearly every day, weight training with about 4 days included cardio. I had another lot of botox there in June same place eyebrows and some crows feet...never noticed anything at all around the crows feet, again eyebrows only lasted 6 weeks so have had it done again on 19/8 (from Australia guys, date reversed). Along with the eyebrows I had forehead done as well and decided to try Sculptra around my chin area. Thing is, I am very health conscious, I take about 14 different anti-oxidents daily and have done for several years. I am wondering is this the reason why the botox that I had put in by two different professionals and now a third one is not working for as long as they tell me it should? I also wonder now that I am back weight training is that going to help with getting it out of my system a lot quicker than usual? Hs anyone else had this happen to them? The last professional that did the Sculptra said perhaps don't take any anti ox for a month and see what happens so I am going to try that but it goes against the grain I will admit!

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Dont work out just after getting it done! I am a gym freak too and when I get it done, the Dr. always tells me not to sweat that day as you can "sweat it out". Also, working out is what is making the botox not last as long. It increases the body's metabolism of it! Have you heard of the saying "Fit or Face?" Body builders faces age alot quicker, especially in women because it decreases estrogen. Grr.. darned if you do, darned if you dont!!

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Good for you for being so healthy! It's probably why you were able to push off Botox until 55, good for you!!

Since you are interested in how the antioxidants might be affecting the Botox you might try posting a question in the Botox Q&A section. That way the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf can share any info they have on it with you.

I'll be interested to hear if you see any difference when you don't take the antioxidants for a month - let us know! :)

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Thanks Megan I will do that. Lol, I don't know that I can last a whole month without my anti o's because I swear by them and to not be using them I fear I will frizzle up haha.
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Haha, well hopefully that doesn't turn out to be the case! If you start to feel frizzly pop some anti o's stat! ;) I do wonder if you will notice a difference in how you feel and/or your energy levels though.

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