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I started Roaccutane when I was 13 years old. I...

I started Roaccutane when I was 13 years old. I hadn't had clear skin since I was about 11. When my acne started getting really bad I went to my doctor to get a referel to see a dermatologist. He suggested I should go on Roaccutane, but my mum wasn't so convinced. She didn't like the idea of the nasty side effects. It took a bit of persuading until she finally gave in a let me give this drug a go.

Within the first couple of months, I saw a significant difference in my skin. Although I did experience a few side effects. I got very dry lips and couldnt go to school without some sort of lip balm otherwise it would feel like my lips were burning. I got tired easily and even walking home was a bit of a struggle. I got a few rashes on my legs, but i got cream for it and it went away.
Not all the side effects in my opinon were bad. Before roaccutane I had to shampoo my hair everyday because it got so greasy but on roaccutane I only had to wash it every 4-5 days.

I would DEFINITLEY recommend roaccutane. I had quite severe acne, especially across my forehead, chin and nose and it basically cleared it. I have been off this drug for about 1-2 months and my hair has gone back to being greasy and my skin has stayed clear, but i reguarly wash it morning and night with a cleanser and exfoliate it every 2-3 days. I also put cream on at night to help let my skin breathe.

I hope this helps.


Its understandable that your Mum wouldn't be so sure about the medicine, there definitely are some severe side effects to be taken seriously. I'm glad you were allowed to go on it though, and how fantastic that your skin is clearing!!

You mentioned your hair went back to greasy. Do you have to wash it daily, or can you at least squeeze a couple days out of it? 4-5 days must have been fantastic! If I go more than 2 days I'm a complete grease slick!

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Yes, I had to wash it nearly everyday after I stopped using the drug.

Oh well, nice while it lasted, huh? :)

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