2 Treatments So Far and Happy! - Australia

I had one treatment 2 months ago for stretch marks...

I had one treatment 2 months ago for stretch marks on my bum/hips and self mutilation scarring on my arms. I have noticed a significant flattening and shrinking of the scars after the first treatment! Just had my second 2 days ago. I must say it hurts a bit in the bum area and being summer here, gotta make sure to sunscreen up! I have hopes it will work well and happy to continue treatment. I just figured there was nothing I could do for scarring/stretch marks. Don't give up!

It does hurt but it's bearable. They go over the area twice. Some are more sensitive than others. I find taking an anti inflammatory beforehand helped a lot on my second treatment!

So happy to hear how that you saw results after just 1 treatment - how encouraging for you!

Did it hurt while you were having the treatment done?

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