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Total Waste of Money! - Austin

I did Zerona in Austin and found that it was a...

I did Zerona in Austin and found that it was a complete waste of money. Even talked to another lady there and she said she hasn't lost an inch, or any pouns. I worked out by running 4 to 5 miles a day, laid off all sugars, no alcohol, and because of all that, I lost a few pounds. NOT because some little red laser that twirled around was directed over my abdomen and hips. Honestly, if it sounds too good to be true...

The "techs" gave me goggles to protect my eyes the first day. After that, they would forget, and one even said oh, you're ok.

DON"T DO IT. Just work out and eat sensible. NEVER saw a Doctor either. Just these girls, I mean Techs wearing scrubs.



Sorry to hear the results were not what you had hoped for. Here is some more information from our doctor Q&A about the effectiveness of this product. Are you considering having anything else done, as you did not gain the results you were hoping? Please keep us updated. We appreciate your review and keep up the healthy living.

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Westlake Dermatology

It is a farce!

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