Thermafirm from Avon for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks - Austin, TX

I tried this out since I've always been concerned...

I tried this out since I've always been concerned about wrinkles, so thermafirm does work I am not wrinkly I'm 29 but this product works as wrinkle filler noticeable right away. My review is more about me using it on my stretch marks near my arm pits and close to my boob area, well after a bottle ,my stretch marks are less noticeable and now they blend in very well with the rest of my skin and these marks have been around since I started puberty!
This seems to be quite effective as the way you have mentioned. I never knew the avon products are this much effective and brings good results.
How long did it take you to use the bottle and see the results?  That is amazing that it worked on old puberty related stretch marks.  Will you continue to use it in those areas, or now that the stretchmarks have faded will you stop using it and see if they stay away?
It took me 3 weeks tops to finish the bottle, which I also used on my face. The difference was so big that I will continue to use it in those areas until its unnoticed, I forgot to mention my marks were so bad they looked like scratches on soap and maybe ill start testing it out around my belly.
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