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Greetings. I've been considering rhinoplasty since...

Greetings. I've been considering rhinoplasty since I was 14. I'm in my early 30's and thinking now might be the time. I'm a pretty big chicken when it comes to the idea of surgery. The thought of going to a consultation scares me alone.

I'm also a new mom. I keep asking myself if elective surgery is worth the risks. Is a nose bump and droopy tip that big of a deal? I think many of us here know the answer is yes. My husband also feels I don't need it. I somehow find this reassuring. If he married me thinking I needed to change something, he wouldn't have been right for me anyhow. He does, however support my decision though. For that I am grateful.

I welcome suggestions for or against local MDs. Thanks for reading my post.


Wow, you are beautiful! I feel that if u had a subtle change u would be very happy with ur results. maybe ask ur surgeon to keep your long nose and keep ur ethnic features in mind (those were my last words to my surgeon before I went under). Make sure ur clear u want a straighter profile rather than scooped. I chose my surgeon because I knew someone who had their nose done by him and her front view did not change at all. I felt she looked exactly the same, very natural results. Now that I am almost 3 weeks post op I can safely say the same... I work in an elementary school and have 700 students and no one noticed a difference. Im so grateful for that. Best of luck in ur search!!!
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Thank you and thanks for the suggestions. I agree. I never did mind having a long nose. I previously had a non surgical nose job. It increased the size but actually looked smaller cause there wasn't a bump. It didn't last very long though.
You are completely gorgeous!! But I also know that feeling of wishing you looked different in photos or at certain angles. My tip drooped very severely before so I had some major alterations in that area, it seems like most rhinoplasty cases on this sight are more slight changes in the tip and bigger changes in the bridge. I have just gone through the process of finding the right doctor and going through the surgery and the first week of recovery and honestly, that part is not that bad. The worst is the worry that goes in ahead of time. Good luck to you, whatever you decide! ~Maggie
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