Big Decision, but Final Result Was Good

I had mine done about 2 years ago and I had an...

I had mine done about 2 years ago and I had an excellent doctor. The result was good, I can definitely see a difference when I look at myself now and at some pictures from a few years ago. Yet, the result was not that dramatic that people asked "Did you have a nose job done?" They may have noticed a difference back then but couldn't tell what it was, I think this is exactly how plastic surgery should be. A positive subtle outcome that doesn't change your overall appearance.

It took me long to recover though. I was never in any real pain after the surgery but felt a great amount of discomfort for about 2 weeks, because of the way I looked (bruised) and because of the fact I couldn't breath through my nose. It took almost one year for me to gain my full capability of breathing through my nose back. One side seemed always stuffy. But I am really really happy now.

It is a big surgery yes, a big decision and it costs a lot of enough. I would do it again though. I am really happy with the outcome.

I had another kind of surgery done recently by the same doctor and this time the outcome was horrifying so I believe that plastic surgery also contains a big portion of luck. I don't know folks, it is a big decision whether to go for it or not. No one can make this one for you and you might be satisfied afterwards or totally unhappy like I am right now. :(
When did you have your nose surgery done? Although I never experienced any real pain it took me quite a while to fully recover and get breathing back, and all the swelling and bruising to go down. You can expect to see your "true" end result as soon as 6 months after the surgery.
I agree-should be subtle. what all did you have done? still trying to figure out just how long until I regain more of a sense of normality or recovery. Congrats on your positive end result :)
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