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Made my blonde, nearly see-through lashes much...

Made my blonde, nearly see-through lashes much longer and perhaps a little thicker. I had recently had a face-lift and had my eyes done to where they look like they did 20 years ago and wanted to have the lashes I used to have 20 years ago. I checked w/ my ophthalmologist to make sure I had no eye pressure issues that would cause complications and either my ophthalmologist or the plastic surgeon was willing to write the prescription. I've been using it for 8 mos. and I like the results very much. When I first started using it, my eyelids next to my lashes felt "tight" but that has since gone away. My eyes are blue and there has been no color change. From what my plastic surgeon said, they've never had this happen to any of their patience but that it is a possibility if you actually pour the drops into your eye. My sister has glaucoma and has used eye drops with the same ingredient and it made her lashes very lush. She also has blue eyes and has been using drops for years and her eyes have not changed color.

I am so sorry to hear about such a horrible experience one of us has endured. I googled to find more info. on chalazion and any possible connection to Latisse. I do have a girlfriend who used Latisse and came down with oil glands infected but she said her doc told her it was because she kept using the same brushes instead of a new brush for each eye each time. My sister-in-law also came down with this infection and she's never used Latisse but she now has to use a warm damp cloth to soak her eyelashes each night before bed. My sister has used eye drops for glaucoma for over 20 years which makes her lashes long and thick but she's never suffered an infection to the eyelashes/eyelid. It would seem key to make it a habit to always use a sterile new brush for each eye each time and since I wear mascara to further enhance the lashes, I remove it at night with a warm damp baby wipe. Some of the mascara removers are very oily and I could see how they could, alone, clog pores. I also read of a woman who suffered from chalazion who had not used Latisse and the doctor actually suggested that Latisse might be something to consider for the return of eyelashes.

Glad you are seeing good results from the Latisse! Thanks for sharing the info about eye color, I know it can be a real concern.

Since you have blonde lashes have you considered having them tinted to be able to skip mascara? We had a community member talk about doing that in her review and her results looked good.

I have had my lashes tinted and the results did not compare with Latisse. My blonde lashes are also not normally thick so the tinting of the eyelashes and eyebrows was cheap but temporary. The Latisse is worth the length and thickness, in my opinion. And, to remedy the see-thru eyebrows, I've had them tattoo-ed about 10 years ago. I love it! No eyebrow pencil! Doesn't come off in the pool! No one even knows they are tattoo-ed unless/until I tell them. First time I had them touched up was last year. However, I would never get my eyelinre you get old your eyelid wrinkles and so will your liner.

Well, it's a little difficult to describe why I rated the Latisse as I did, but my experience with my surgeon was a contributing factor in why I tried the Latisse. He actually did not even suggest it, but one of the staff had beautiful lashes and that's when the subject of Latisse surfaced. If you choose a plastic surgeon, you want one to which you will trust your life. Check credentials, publications, ask how many s/he has performed of whatever procedures you're considering. I first went to this surgeon over 20 years ago for a tummy tuck and was so impressed that when I considered other procedures, he was the first person I considered. One flat rate that covers the OR surgical center (his own and much more sanitary than a hospital), his fee, and staff/anesthesiologist fees, all supplies, and all follow -ups regardless of how many or often. As I'm sitting in my 'jammies', I am not prepared at this moment to send photos but can perhaps do so at a later time. Even though this is entirely related to Latisse, I do have before and after photos of the face-lift. I searched the internet, far and wide, and could find no interim pictures between surgery and up to 6 mos. after so I asked my husband to take daily pictures of me so others would know what to expect.

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